The CRUX Lab is an interdisciplinary inquiry environment specializing in UX and communication design insight and strategy. We have a number of competencies to help you better understand and serve your users. The lab specializes in communication and user experience research and is positioned to serve as a community resource. We strengthen ASU’s ability to conduct UX research, tackle community problems, and help local economies capture economic opportunities.

The team is made up of interdisciplinary scholars in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts:

  • Tatiana Batova, PhD
  • Eva Brumberger, PhD
  • Stephen Carradini, PhD
  • Barbara D’Angelo, PhD
  • Claire Lauer, PhD
  • Barry Maid, PhD
  • Andrew Mara, PhD


Data Visualization

Research team investigates how users read and understand data visualizations.

Project Head: Claire Lauer

Project #1

Understanding how text and data relationships in data visualizations affect user perceptions (with Shaun O'Brien)

Project #2

Eyetracking users' interactions with data visualizations (with Shaun O'Brien)


UX Team investigates how to maximize art event participation

Project Head: Andrew Mara

Project #1

A/B testing electronic newsletter clickthroughs (with Beth Anne Pramme)

Project #2

Increasing user engagement with arts advocacy in local news media (with Beth Anne Pramme)


Research team investigates effectiveness of audio interfaces with automobile guidance systems

Project Head: Dennis Gomez

Project #1

Measuring response times to different audio directional instructions in driving simulations (with Andrew Mara)

Visual Literacy Patterns

Project Head: Eva Brumberger

Project #1

Examining the viewing and problem-solving patterns of visual experts and novices


Research team investigates how information about water and other sustainable resources can be effectively communicated via interactive simulations to rural and classroom audiences

Project Head: Claire Lauer

Project #1

Communicating sustainability to rural populations through the Smithsonian Institute’s Museum on Mainstreet Water/Ways exhibit

Project #2

Using an interactive water simulation to helping Arizona students understand the complexities of water policy and sustainability

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