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Whether you are looking for an internship to jump-start your career or if you want to learn how to apply your internship for academic credit, you will find all of the relevant info on this page.

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One of the best ways to connect your education to your career is through an internship. By completing an internship you will gain experience and marketability, explore career options, build your network, and potentially find the path towards your first employer after graduation. Finding an internship can be a daunting task but here in CISA and ASU we have resources available to help you through this process.

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Typically application will take 5 business days for a response for processing. Please be aware that applications submitted closer to the deadline date may be delayed in responses due to the volume of applications.

The internship courses focus on documenting and reflecting on your internship experience through journals, discussions and short papers drawing on what you are learning and how it applies for your professional goals and growth. You will also complete a mid-term timesheet and final timesheet along with a mentor evaluation.

You can start your internship as early as about a month before the course begins, however; you cannot start counting your hours towards class requirements until the internship course has started.

Yes, but you may not be able to use a job that you have been working at for more than a month or so, however, you can change job duties from the work that you are currently doing. This often means working in a different department or on a separate project than your everyday job. If you are interested in working at your current workplace, please contact us for approval. In the email, make sure to include a list of your current responsibilities as well as your “new” responsibilities.

Unfortunately, you are unable to use an internship that you have previously completed, it needs to be a new experience and must be taken within the timeframe of the course.

484 Courses
You can earn anywhere from 1-9 hours of elective credit for one specific internship experience, and up to 12 hours of elective credit for internship experiences. Some courses may require instructor approval for more than 3 credits. 

IDS 401
You can earn 3 credits for the course.

Yes you are welcome to continue any internship after a semester. However, future credit for continuing internship is only available for 484 courses and must be a new experience or different responsibilities. Please contact the internship coordinator for more information and approval.

Yes you are able to use a study abroad internship program for an internship credit. Please connect with the Global Education Office for details. When you are prompted to select your internship course, please fill out the Internship Coordinator Review Form and send it to

It is a competitive market and we recommend at least applying to 20 internship positions to increase your chances.   

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