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Student life

Residential communities

ASU’s Residential Colleges are designed to help you gain the confidence and foundation for college success and to pursue your dreams!

As a first-time freshman who chooses to live on campus, you’ll be assigned to the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts (CISA) Residential College on the campus where your major is based. Locations for 2023-2024 academic year (subject to change) are:

Downtown Phoenix campus Gordon Commons
Polytechnic campus Century Hall
Tempe campus Sonora Center

Here you’ll enjoy a supportive residential environment living with other Integrative Sciences and Arts majors and exploratory students on a designated floor or in a designated building.  

Frequently asked questions

Wondering about some of the nuts and bolts about living in a CISA residential community? Learn more here!

For general housing questions (roommate, meal plans, cancellations, move-in, rates, family housing, etc.), please visit the ASU University Housing website.

What are the CISA residential communities?

The CISA residential communities are an opportunity for students admitted to CISA majors to live on campus exclusively with other CISA first-year students (either in the same building or floor). Support services and programs assist you with your transition to the university.

As an Integrative Sciences and Arts student, am I required to live in a CISA residential community?

Any first-year Integrative Sciences and Arts student who applies for housing at the Tempe, Downtown Phoenix, or Polytechnic campuses will be placed in the CISA Residential Communities.

When will I know that I am in the CISA residential communities?

After your housing application and CISA residential community is requested and submitted, housing assignments will be made by mid-spring each year. Please visit the University Housing website for additional housing information.

Why would I want to live in a residential community?

You’ll enjoy an intimate ASU community experience where you’ll gain a sense of pride, community and identity and can give and receive support from your peers. Programs and events often address common issues faced at different times during the year. More than 100 intentional programs and events put on by the hall staff each year will help you make the academic and social transition to college

For example, registration workshops bring advising teams into the residential colleges to help you enroll for the next semester. Other programs will grow your awareness about all the opportunities and resources available to you at ASU.

What if I have questions?

If you have any additional questions, contact our Assistant Director for Student Engagement:

Julie Lim