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Allocation of REC, RID, IIA

How are the allocation of Recognition (REC), Research Incentive Distribution (RID), and Investigator Incentive Awards (IIA) determined at ASU?

All investigators, their home unit(s) and their percentages of Recognition (REC), Research Incentive Distribution (RID), and Investigator Incentive Award (IIA) are identified in the allocation section of the Proposal Routing and Approval Form for each sponsored project. The proportions identified for each investigator and his/her home unit(s) determine the amount of Recognition each will receive for each project (proposal, award, and expenditure) and the proportions of available Knowledge Enterprise Development (KED) RID and IIA funds they will receive. To appropriately identify and allocate REC, RID, and IIA, completion of the allocation section of the Proposal Routing and Approval Form is required. 

REC stands for the RECognition that each PI will receive on a sponsored project. This percentage will determine what dollar amount the PI will receive credit for when submitting proposals, receiving awards, and incurring expenditures on his/her sponsored accounts. The purpose of recognition, as specified on the Proposal Routing and Approval Form, is to accurately assign credit to multiple investigators, academic departments, and centers to represent the level of their involvement in a sponsored research project. As such, the assignment of recognition is critical to the way research proposal, award, and expenditure activities are tracked and reported.  

RID stands for Research Incentive Distribution. ASU’s Knowledge Enterprise Development (KED) returns 20% of the actual Facilities and Administrative costs (F&A) recovered on account expenses. 
The college dean's office receives 40 percent of the 20% returned; the principal investigator receives 60 percent of the 20% returned.
NOTE:  If you apply for a grant that has reduced or waived Facilities & Administrative costs from an organization that is not a federal sponsor, RID is forfeited to all parties with no exceptions granted.

IIA stands for Investigator Incentive Award. This works similarly to RID, as it is based on Facilities & Administrative costs recovered by the university. IIA receives 5% of the recovered F&A and is shared between all the investigators on the project. This 5% goes directly into the investigator(s) account(s) without splitting it among their Dean’s offices or schools. If the IIA amount received is under $100, it will not be distributed to any co‐investigator(s), but will be added only to the lead PI’s account.

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Angela Sparacello
Associate Director of Fiscal Mgt and Business Operations, College of Integrative Sciences and Arts