Two females and a male colleague sit in collaborative space.

Career development

The College of Integrative Science and Arts is here to help you succeed on your career journey. No matter what stage you are at in your career development, this site will have unique support and resources for you.

Career-connected learning is a three-phase journey:

  • Awareness - includes experiences that expose students to the range of career options out there.
  • Preparation - entails classroom or work-based experiences that prepare students to be successful in the workplace.
  • Launch - combines deeper work experience and aligned classroom learning, leading to an industry-valued credential and access to good jobs. 

Career-Connected learning is among the most effective ways to create meaningful opportunities for people from all backgrounds. It creates learning experiences for our students to effectively provide them with the knowledge they will need to launch into their career. It also offers employers a sustainable, profitable way to find great talent and diversify their workforces. Those successes add up to economic growth and a more equitable, productive society.

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