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Giving to CISA

Your gift to the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts directly supports student success, career-readiness and degree completion — by reducing financial barriers through endowed and emergency scholarships and by investing in teaching, career-connected learning and discovery that recognizes the complexities and interconnectedness of our world.

Because of you, the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts is preparing graduates who are able to use many forms of knowledge to solve new challenges and who have the flexibility to serve their communities throughout their lives.

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Support our students in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts

When you make a gift to the CISA Student Success Scholarship, Student Showcase Fund or Dean's Investment Fund, you have a direct impact on students and research initiatives in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts. Donors like you enable the dean to respond to priorities, urgent needs and emerging opportunities. You help ensure students, faculty and staff can participate in projects and research that will lead to a better future — locally and globally.

CISA Student Success Scholarship

Student Showcase Fund

CISA Dean’s Investment Fund

College of Integrative Sciences and Arts Dean Joanna Grabski

Your generosity allows us to empower our students, foster career-connected learning opportunities and create innovative solutions for our ever-changing world.

Joanna Grabski Dean, College of Integrative Sciences and Arts

Empower our students

Financial stressors are the number one reason students leave college before completing a degree. Your support of scholarships transforms the lives and education of CISA students.

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School of Applied Sciences and Arts

The Polynator Project

Support exciting opportunities for cross-pollination of knowledge, ideas and experiences across the sciences and arts and within the flourishing, integrative, solutions-focused Polytechnic campus environment. The Polynator Impact Fund offers a flexible umbrella for you to partner in existing and growth opportunities — from sustainable, ecological and scientific endeavors; to experiential learning and community engagement partnerships.

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Support our veteran and military initiatives

The work of the Office for Veteran and Military Academic Engagement (OVMAE) focuses on three pillars: dialogue, teaching and research.

OVMAE General Fund

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The Office for Veteran and Military Academic Engagement works to support the ASU community's servicemembers and veterans to achieve their academic and career goals.

Retired Col. Wanda A. Wright Director, Office for Veteran and Military Academic Engagement

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Foundation partnerships

These funds work to support ecological conservation and preservation across the state of Arizona.

Consider the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts in your estate plan

Leave a lasting legacy that will support students, programs, and research in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts by including us in your will or trust. Contact our development office for assistance or to learn more.

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Contact the CISA development office

CISA’s development office can help align your interests, passions, and philanthropic goals to fund initiatives within CISA that you care about the most.

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Eric Espeland
Development Officer, College of Integrative Sciences and Arts
ASU Foundation for a New American University
Email: eric.espeland@asufoundation.org
Office phone: 602-496-8382