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Life Can Get Complicated. We Are Here For You.

ASU's Counselor Training Center offers low-cost, weekly counseling for staff, students, faculty, and community members.

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About the Center

Established in 1956 as the community counseling clinic for the Counseling and Counseling Psychology graduate degree programs, the Counselor Training Center (CTC) provides confidential counseling services for ASU students, staff, and faculty as well as the larger community. Through the center, clients receive counseling services to enhance their well-being in all areas of life.

ASU’s Counseling and Counseling Psychology graduate programs are ranked among the nation’s best. Internationally renowned scholars and professors guide a dynamic curriculum that combines innovative research with best practices and hands-on experiences. The faculty of the CTC is committed to training the next generation of highly skilled professional counselors and psychologists.

The Counselors

Providing services under the close supervision of experienced clinical faculty members who are experts in the field of mental health, the counselors-in-training work with individuals, couples, and families to help them resolve issues that are barriers to healthy relationships and productive lives.


At the CTC we strive to provide therapeutic services that respect and affirm the race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, national origin, sex, religious affiliation, size, physical or mental disability, and socioeconomic status of all persons. We fully embrace the provision of multiculturally sensitive services that honor the dignity of all individuals. All ASU and Phoenix metro community members are eligible for services.


Counseling services are tailored to the concerns presented by the client, which might include but are not limited to:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Personal problems
  • Relationships
  • Family problems
  • Career counseling
  • Life transitions

Clients are assigned to a counselor and scheduled for standing one-hour weekly appointments for the duration of the semester. Depending on when services are initiated, each client could receive up to 12 weeks of counseling services. Counselors and clients work collaboratively to determine whether additional counseling is needed at the end of the semester.

The CTC as a Retention Intervention

Recent research (Baskin, Slaten, Sorenson, Glover-Russell, & Merson, 2010) has demonstrated that counseling can have a pronounced impact on academic outcomes, such as increased GPA and retention. ASU students are welcome to use services provided at the CTC to address and help resolve issues complicating their experience at the university. Students who struggle with adjusting to the university, making academic and career decisions, or addressing personal issues that interfere with academic progress might particularly benefit from referral to the CTC.

As CTC clients, students can participate in weekly counseling sessions to discuss concerns about career, academic progress, relationships, behavioral problems, or emotional difficulties. Prospective clients may contact the CTC to schedule an intake appointment, during which primary concerns and related issues will be assessed. In subsequent sessions, the counselor will work with the client to develop and implement a treatment plan to move toward the client’s goals. Counseling at the CTC can play a role in student retention as well as promoting general well-being.

Baskin, T. W., Slaten, C. D., Sorenson, C., Glover-Russell J., & Merson, D. N. (2010). Does youth psychotherapy improve academically related outcomes? A meta-analysis. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 57, 290–296.

CTC Fact Sheet

Campus Resources


The CTC is located in Suite 401 of Payne Hall on ASU’s Tempe campus. Payne Hall is on the northwest side of campus near Myrtle Avenue and 10th Street (1000 S. Forest Mall, Tempe 85281).


Full-time ASU students and staff — $20 per semester
Part-time ASU students and staff — $40 per semester
Community members — $80 per semester

Hours of Operation

The CTC offers morning, afternoon and evening appointments throughout the semester.

Please call 480-965-5067 to find an appointment time that is right for you.