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CISA has established a fund to provide emergency financial support to students faced with financial challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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#Be Integrative

At Arizona State University's College of Integrative Sciences and Arts we take an approach to teaching, learning and discovery that recognizes that the complexities and interconnectedness of our world have always required solutions-makers who can integrate knowledge. Innovative and robust solutions come forward when we bring all kinds of knowledge to bear as we look to solve new challenges.

In ASU's College of Integrative Sciences and Arts you will find access to opportunities that celebrate that mindset. You are supported by innovative teachers who are guided by student success, applied learning, and interdisciplinary inquiry. And you'll graduate with the capabilities of a master learner, with the information, innovation, and imagination skills that have the elasticity to serve you wherever your passions take you. 

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Arizona State University Provost Mark Searle announced Oct.

David Freedman’s entrepreneurial journey spanned a wide range of experiences at Arizona State University.

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