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Welcome to the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts! If you need to schedule an appointment with an advisor, please call 480-965-4464.

We recommend that you meet with your advisor each semester prior to registration for your next semester’s classes. We also recommend using the advising syllabus for details on what to expect from your academic advisor and important activities you need to complete during your first two semesters at ASU. If you're completing your major via ASU Online, check out the advising page for Integrative Sciences and Arts online students.

View the ASU Academic Advising Directory to reach advisors in other units.

Our mission is to advocate for student success, retention and graduation through purposeful academic relationships and community building. We are committed to providing you with quality academic advising. and we believe that it plays an important role in your academic success. We can assist you in selecting courses that meet your graduation requirements, as well as help you identify, clarify and achieve your academic goals.


Liberal Studies (online)

located at Sonora Market

For appointments, call 480-965-4464
Questions about our Exploratory (campus and online) exploratory@asu.edu
Questions about our Liberal Studies (online) degree CISAonline@asu.edu

Therese AguayoExecutive Director
Kielii LilavoisCoordinator
Tiffanie Flores
Sean Hawkeswood 
Julie Lim 
Jessica Shipley

Interdisciplinary Studies
located at Urban Systems Engineering

For appointments, call 480-965-4464
Questions? BIS@asu.edu

Therese AguayoExecutive Director
Trudi VanderPloegCoordinator
Daniel Peterson
Jennifer Wadsworth
Megan Duskey
Vanessa Morales

Downtown Phoenix

Arizona Center, suite 380

Here's a helpful video to guide you (it may be tricky the first time you visit).

For appointments, call 602-496-0271

Questions about our campus majors CISADPC@asu.edu
Questions about our Liberal Studies or Organizational Leadership degrees CISAonline@asu.edu

Kim KeckAssistant Director, Online Programs
Monica KeyesCoordinator
Jasmine Hydro
Jon Delany
Syndee Pokora
Donovan Lee


Santa Catalina Hall, second floor

For appointments, call 480-727-1526
Questions about our campus majors CISAPOLY@asu.edu
Questions about our online Technical Communication degree CISAPOLY@asu.edu
Questions about our Interdisciplinary Studies or Organizational Studies degrees BIS@asu.edu


Jamie EggerlingAssistant Director
Linda Zygmond
Melissa Dengler
Skye Long-Bailey
Monica Minjarez
Brecken Warren

Colleges at Lake Havasu City

For appointments, call 928-854-9703
Questions? Susan.L.Martin@asu.edu

Colleges at Lake Havasu City

Other locations

For appointments, call 602-496-0358

Questions? Kimberly.Keck@asu.edu


Exploratory – West campus

For appointments call 602-543-3000
School of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies | FAB N100


Therese AguayoExecutive Director
Kim KeckAssistant Director, Online Programs
Jamie EggerlingAssistant Director, Polytechnic Campus