Making Contact and Interviewing

Resume Resources

Resume Resources

Writing A Resume: At times it can be tempting to create a resume using a convenient template such as those you will find in Microsoft Word, in job search books, and on job search websites. These templates, while easy to use, restrict your ability to customize your content, format your resume and make future edits. They are designed to be “one size fits all” formats, and one size rarely fits all very well. ASU’s Career Services offers excellent resources for preparing a resume.


Updating a Resume: Make sure your resume is in a professional format and content is both current and relevant for each internship you are applying for. For resume review, utilize ASU Career Services Resume Dropbox resource.

Meet with a Career Advisor

Meet with a Career Advisor

Connect with an ASU career advisor in-person or in virtual appointments. We understand that Sun Devils live and study all around the world. To accommodate your career development needs, we offer a variety of ways for you to connect with an advisor regardless of where you are located.


Virtual Appointments: ASU career advisors are able to speak with you over the phone or through video technology. 

In-Person Appointments: These services are available at ASU’s Tempe, Downtown Phoenix, Polytechnic and West campus locations. 

Professional Career Advising by Appointment: Meet one-on-one with a professional career advisor at a time convenient for you.

Career Peer Advising: Career peers are current ASU students trained and equipped with the background and knowledge to help you identify the best career resources, respond to your questions about using Handshake and help you polish your resume.

To request an appointment (either virtual or in-person), please log into your Handshake account and select ‘Request a Counseling Appointment.’ 

Interviewing Skills, Questions and Best Practices

Interviewing Skills, Questions and Best Practices

A job interview is your opportunity to show you are the best candidate for the position. Prepare for your next interview by following a few key principles:


Self-Assessment: In your initial preparation, focus on the skills and experiences that you want to get across during the interview. Review your accomplishments so you can articulate your qualifications effectively.


Research: Go beyond researching the basics of an organization on their website. Follow them on LinkedIn to find recent initiatives by the organization and their target markets.


Practice: Answer sample interview questions out loud to improve your answers. Practice makes perfect! Also review Behavioral Interview questions, as employers will generally ask these types of questions from approximately ten different categories.


Be Yourself: An interview is simply a professional conversation. Your skills and qualifications will come across effectively if you are prepared to have a natural conversation.


Follow-up: Always send a short, well written thank you email within 24 hours of the interview. Your note should simply thank the employer and mention how you are looking forward to joining the team.