General questions

I need to complete IDS 401. What are my options? 
We have several options you can choose from in order to complete the IDS 401 requirement. For more information on the course requirements and application process, please visit the IDS 401 Experiences page.


Why can’t I enroll in IDS 401? I meet the prerequisites, but it says I need special permission.
In order to enroll in IDS 401, you will have to submit an application, and be approved by the IDS 401 Coordinator. For more information on the course requirements and application process, please visit the IDS 401 Experiences page.


I’m worried about spots filling up in the class! What if I don’t get my application done in time and the spots fill up?
The class will never fill up! We make sure there are enough seats for students needing the 401 requirement every semester.


Does my IDS 401 experience have to incorporate both of my concentrations?
Yes, the purpose of the IDS 401 experience is to apply theories and concepts from each concentration and practice your IDS integration skills. That being said, we want you to choose an experience that will help guide you in your educational journey and bring you closer to your career goals. If you are struggling to relate theories and concepts to your desired career path, please contact us to brainstorm ideas.

Applied studies

For the Applied Study, am I allowed to count my current workplace as my internship site?
Yes! However, you have to change job duties from the work that you are currently doing. This often means work in a different department or on a separate project than your everyday job. If you are interested in working at your current workplace, please contact us for approval. In the email, make sure to include a list of your current responsibilities as well as your “new” responsibilities.


How many hours are required to complete the internship and get credit for 401?
120 hours


What if I am completing more than 120 hours? 
There is no maximum number of hours that we cap students at. If you are enjoying your internship, then feel free to continue on after the semester. If you are continuing on and are in need of elective credit, consider applying for IDS 484 internship credit.


Can I start my internship early? 
You can start your internship as early as about a month or so before the course begins, however, you will not be allowed to count any hours worked until the start date of the course. 


Can I end my internship as soon as my 120 hours are complete?
Students need to be at their site for the whole semester. That is part of the commitment you are making. Please make sure you schedule your time accordingly. If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact us immediately. I finished my hours is not an extenuating circumstance.


My applied study application asks for mentor information. Do I need to find a faculty to oversee my internship? 
For the applied study application, your mentor will be your site supervisor. You do not need to find a faculty to oversee your internship experience. 


What is required from my mentor for applied study?
They will have to sign off on an electronic document in the application letting us know that they agree to have you as an intern for the semester, and then they will have to sign off on two electronic documents throughout the semester that are your timesheets. Other than that, they just have to provide you with the knowledge of how to complete the responsibilities at your internship site. 


I finished my application and my mentor signed off on the DocuSign. Why is there still a red “X” next to “Submit Documents to Mentor”? 
There will be a Red “X” next to that section of the application until the 401 coordinator manually goes in and checks off the box saying we received your mentor’s signature as well as the dean's signature.  Do not worry if you still see a red X and you know your mentor sent back the documents. As long as your portion is completed by the deadline, we will count your application as completed.


Why does the Student Placement Agreement have a 3 year term? 
The student placement agreement is an agreement between ASU and the site and is separate from the student. The agreement is good for a minimum of three years. This means that if the site would like to hire interns again in the future, this agreement is in place and will not need to be completed again. If not, then it lays dormant until it expires. It in no way requires a site to take on additional students, but is there should they choose to.


How do I log hours?
Twice throughout the semester, once at midterm and once at final, you will submit an online timesheet through the DocuSign portal. On a weekly basis, you can keep track of your hours however your mentor decides upon for your organization. 


How do I access my course?
Once enrolled in IDS 401, a link will attach to the class under your myASU class schedule. A few days before the semester start date, you will be able to click the link and it’ll take you to the Canvas course shell. 

Directed study

What is required from my mentor for directed study?
They will help to guide you along with the process of developing your creative project or thesis. They are there to help support you on your capstone project. They will serve as a resource to you in areas such as research protocol, area expertise, or project advice. However, as a directed study course, you are the one responsible for leading your capstone project. Make sure you come to your mentor prepared and ready to complete your project. 
In addition to supporting you throughout the semester, they will be the ones grading the finished project or thesis paper at the end of the semester. This grade will then be reported to the instructor who is overseeing the IDS 401 directed study course. 


The directed study application asks for due dates and grading scale for the course. Where can I find these dates?
You and your mentor decide on due dates throughout the semester for your project and they will help you stick to those deadlines. Think of this portion of the application as a mini syllabus. This can help clear up misunderstandings at the end of the semester; your mentor knows what to expect from you and you know what you are expected to do.


I am completing a directed study, but am enrolled in IDS 401 directed study with a different professor listed.
You are added to a section with a professor from the interdisciplinary studies program. This instructor will be a resource for you should you have any issues along the way. They will also handle the administrative burdens of the course. You will work with your selected mentor on your project, and your mentor will report the grade to the instructor who is overseeing the administrative portion of your course.


My directed study faculty mentor has asked that I be added to one of their courses instead of IDS 401. Can I still get credit for IDS 401?
Yes, if your faculty mentor would like you to enroll in a non IDS 401 course, please
contact us with the details.