Finding an Internship Site

There are a number of resources to help you find an Applied Study site for your 401 Experience. ASU does not necessarily endorse any or all of the companies or organizations. These links are provided to help you with your internship search.

Internship Resources for All Students


This system features hundreds of internship opportunities, the majority of which are posted by employers who are specifically interested in recruiting ASU students. Apply as directed for each internship of interest.

IDS Opportunities Database

A 30-page listing of organizations where IDS [BIS} alumni have worked to fulfill the 401 requirements

LinkedIn Internship Listing

LinkedIn provides this powerful link for students or alumni to research and pursue internships tailored to their specific career interest areas.

ASU Academic Department Web Sites

Go to an academic department's Web site that is related to the type of internship you have an interest in obtaining and do a search using "internship."

Study Abroad Office

Completing an internship abroad is a wonderful way to test out a potential career and gain real-world work experience. Along with the potential to earn academic credit, students who complete an international internship expand their networks and develop transferable skills which give them a competitive edge after graduation. (or or

These are job search engines that search the Internet for positions matching your keywords.

To obtain the greatest number of results when searching for internships, it is recommended that you not limit yourself geographically (by city, state, or zip code). Instead, use a fill-in-the-blank approach in the keyword search field that is descriptive of the type of internship you'd like: "_________ intern" i.e. political intern, nonprofit intern, artsintern, entertainment intern, conservation intern, international intern, etc..

Even if you DO need to complete an internship in a specific city, conducting your initial search this way will help you to identify and brain storm types of organization in your area to approach about creating an internship.

Arts, Design and Performance

Dream Careers 

Americans for the Arts 


The Association of Art Museum Curators 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art 

The Art Institute of Chicago 

Smithsonian Fellowships and Internships 


Arizona Commission on the Arts 

The Professional Association for Design 

Nike Internships 

Adidas Group Design 



Athleta Design Academy 


State of Arizona Internship Program 

Dream Careers 

American Association of Advertising Agencies 

Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities National Internship Program

INROADS Minority Internship Program 

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity 

Emerging Leaders 

NBC Universal Careers

Nike Internships 





Communication and Media

Nonprofit Internships: 

Dream Careers 

American Association of Advertising Agencies 



NBC Universal Careers 

CBS Corporation 

Fox Careers 


ABC News 

US Olympic Team 



World Endeavors 

Breakthrough Collaborative 


Absolute Internships 

Health and Wellness

Nonprofit Internships: 

Native American Congressional Internship Program 

Johnson & Johnson 


American Public Health Association 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

Arizona Department of Health Services 

USA Track & Field 

US Olympic Team 

Public, Social and Human Services

ASU Community Service Program 

ASU Capital Scholars Program 

ASU Washington Center Program 

State of Arizona Internship Program 

Federal Government Internships 

Nonprofit Internships: 

Dream Careers 

Student Conservation Association 

Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard 

Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities National Internship Program 

Native American Congressional Internship Program 

National Directory of Scholarships, Internships, and Fellowships for Latino Youth 

AAPD Internship Program 

Human Rights Campaign 


Central Intelligence Agency 

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics 

AT&T Internships & Fellowships 

IBM Research Internship for Black, Hispanic, and Native American Students

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity 



Department of Energy 

NASA - Jet Propulsion Laboratory 

Department of Defense 

Department of Homeland Security

National Science Foundation 

Central Intelligence Agency 






Sustainability, Environmental and Natural Sciences

Student Conservation Association 


United States Environmental Protection Agency 

ASU Sustainability Connect 

Sustainability Leads 

Environmental Defense Fund 

Arizona Game & Fish 

Arizona State Parks & Trails 


Create Your Own Internship

It is also possible to create your own internship by contacting employers in your field of interest and describing your qualifications, interests and how you can contribute to their success. Descriptions of existing internships are helpful to frame your discussion with a possible internship host. Focus on the advantages to the organization in hiring an intern, such as having an extra person to assist with projects, offer new perspectives on organizational issues and provide new ideas.