Application Process and Due Dates

Applied Study

There are 7 steps that make up a completed 401 Application, which are submitted via the Online Application System.  In order to complete the application, you must already have confirmed agreement from a site and mentor at that site.  

1. Enter your personal info

This section includes basic demographic information, some of which will automatically populate from ASU systems.  

2. Accept the online Guidelines Agreement

Read through the guidelines and regulations for completing IDS 401 [BIS 401 prior to fall 2019] and then agree to them.

3. Enter basic information about your learning site and mentor

This section will include contact information and location of your chosen site and mentor. Note that your Mentor refers to your site supervisor.

4. Enter your proposal

Your proposal will need to explain thoroughly how your work at the chosen learning site will use your academic concentrations. This section should detail how your responsibilities and duties reflect academic concentration area knowledge. Be sure to discuss specific theories and concepts from courses completed in each academic concentration. This section is typically 1-2 pages of content that you write up in advance of submission..

5. Enter Responsibilities as agreed upon with your mentor

This section will include a bullet point list of what you will be doing day to day. This will be information like you would see in a job description.

6. Accept the 401 Student Responsibility Contract

Read through the general guidelines and legal constraints and then agree to them.

7. Follow a unique URL to AdobeSign so that your mentor will receive a Confirmation Letter and Student Placement Agreement that they will need to sign electronically  (alert them that it is coming)

Once you submit your documents to your mentor via the online application system, electronic signatures will be collected from your mentor using ASU’s AdobeSign system.  To initiate the process, simply submit the documents electronically using the “Submit Documents to Mentor” link located within the online application system. Once the Powerform is signed, and the documents are filled out, you will select to have the documents sent electronically to the mentor for signing. Once a mentor has signed this document it will be sent back to the Interdisciplinary Studies office to obtain the dean’s signature and to generate a final executed document. A copy of the executed document will be sent to you, your mentor and the Interdisciplinary Studies office for our records. This item will then be marked as completed on your online application. All materials must be received by the application due date (before 4 p.m. Mountain Standard Time/Arizona Time.

Sessions Deadline
Fall B 2023 (10/11 – 12/1) Due September 21st, 2023
Spring A 2024 (1/8 – 2/27) Due December 7th, 2023

Spring C 2024 (1/8 – 4/26)

Due December 7th, 2023
Spring B 2024 (3/11 – 4/26) Due February 19th, 2024
Summer A 2024 (5/16 – 6/26) Due April 25th, 2024
Summer C 2024 (5/16 – 7/10) Due April 25th, 2024
Summer B 2024 (7/1 – 8/9) Due June 10th, 2024


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