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Write On, Downtown

Submissions and Internships


Write On, Downtown is looking for evocative, creative work that speaks to downtown Phoenix – we call it a Downtown ethos, but what that really means is that we want truthful, personal, or socially engaged writing that will impact the readers within the university and the city.

We are open to all genres but have a strong preference for work under 2500 words. Be experimental, be traditional, be dual-language …just be your best creative self!

We’re also interested in all genres of art—from photography to cut-and-paste, collage work and multi-media art, to drawings and paintings.

When submitting your work, please include your full name, contact information (e-mail address is preferred), the title of your piece, and a brief biographical statement (under 100 words).
Please send the submissions to


The Write On, Downtown editing internship is a three-credit internship taught every Spring semester by Rosemarie Dombrowski, one of the founding editors of the journal.

Over the course of the semester, interns participate in every stage of the production and editing process, from the scoring and selection of submissions, to the copy editing and layout editing of the journal.

The editorial team also plans and hosts a launch luncheon at the end of the Spring semester during which the print version of the publication is unveiled.

For additional information, or to apply for the internship, submit a brief statement of interest to Dr. Rosemarie Dombrowski at