College of Integrative Sciences and Arts Override Request



Override Process:

  • Submit the request and related attachments using the Google form linked below
  • Request is reviewed by CISA
  • Students will receive notification via email within 1 - 3 Business Days with the decision and any special registration instructions 

However, the very first step is to double check to make sure that the course you are seeking an override for belongs to the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts. Click on the course description in the ASU Schedule of Classes, and at the end of the course description the college/school offering the course is indicated.

Reserved Course Overrides (seats are reserved for specific campus-based majors)

  • Students must meet the criteria set for reserved courses, no exceptions.
  • Overrides are not given for seats that are reserved for campus-based majors.

Space Overrides (all sections of a class are full)

  • Will be accepted for review beginning 30 days prior to the start of each session
  • Must include an instructor approval (upload e-mail approval from instructor as attachment to form) 
  • Will not be considered if the classroom has reached maximum fire code occupancy

Course Override (you do not meet prerequisites or took the prerequisite(s) at another institution):

  • Will be considered when there are specific extenuating circumstances.
  • Some requests may require a College of Integrative Sciences and Arts standards petition.

Use care in typing in your name, identifying information, and course information in the override request fields so that your request is not delayed.

Submit an Override