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The College of Integrative Sciences and Arts Standards Committee is comprised of faculty, advisors and administration from the college that meet once per month to review requests for exceptions to departmental or university policy. Students will submit petitions via DocuSign, and students will receive decisions via email. For questions regarding the petitioning process please call 480-965-1970 or email 

Standards Petitions must be received no later than 24 hours prior to the next available standards meeting.  See schedule below for dates.

Standards Committee Schedule 
Committee meeting dates 

To request permission to enroll in more credit hours than are typically allowed in a single semester or session 

  • Submit a new petition each semester in which you wish to take an overload. 

Approvals still require that students meet university enrollment deadlines and requirements. 

To request permission to retake a course for which you have previously earned an “E” or “D” more than twice  

  • You may not take a course three or more times if you have passed that course with a “C” or higher. 

Approvals still require that students meet university enrollment deadlines and requirements. 

To request that you receive General Studies credit (L, MA, FYC, CS, HU, SB, SG, SQ, C, G, or H) for a course without a General Studies designation 

  • Include a syllabus or course description for your request to be reviewed. Please send your syllabus or course description to 

  • ASU omnibus (e.g., 294, 394, or 494) or transfer courses may also be reviewed through this process for general studies credit. 

To allow an undergraduate student to enroll in a 500-level class or above   

  • Permission to enroll from the instructor must be included in order for this request to be reviewed. 

To allow an undergraduate student to enroll in a 500-level class or above and reserve credit for future graduate studies. Please note that students may reserve a maximum of 9 credit hours. 

To pursue two or more majors concurrently at ASU. Please note that concurrent degrees require students to complete 30 unique hours for each additional degree. 

  • To request concurrent degrees, please provide the name of the degree and college offering the degree for proposed degree/s

  • An advising appointment with a CISA advisor is required to process your request

To allow students to complete degree requirements under a different catalog year 

To request exceptions to the university general graduation requirements   

  • University Graduation requirements: Minimum 120 hours30 resident credits, 45 upper-division hours, and/or honors residency 56 hours. Students should provide evidence to support the rationale. 

To request credit be given to a transfer course that did not receive a direct equivalency or was deemed non-transferable. Please include the following:   

  • Course syllabus  

Additional requests not listed above 

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