Microhabitat Evaluation for Northern Mexican Garter Snakes

The northern Mexican garter snake (Thamnophis eques megalops) was listed as Threatened under the Endangered Species Act in August 2014 and is considered a Tier 1A Species of Greatest Conservation Need by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Little is known about microhabitat features that are preferred by or beneficial to this species, including in human-modified habitats. But the fallow ponds at Bubbling Ponds Hatchery appear to support a robust population.

The objective of this study is to determine microhabitat features preferred by northern Mexican garter snakes at Bubbling Ponds Hatchery. Snakes will be tracked using telemetry and microhabitat characteristics at occupied locations will be compared to available habitat.

Documenting the snakes’ microhabitat preferences will aid in making recommendations for maintaining, restoring, and modifying habitat for existing or reintroduced populations.  

Helping an endangered species

Principal Investigator
Heather Bateman

Funding agency: Arizona Game and Fish Department

Date: 10/21/14 - 1/31/17

Amount:  $58,077