Environmental Humanities



Build your capacity to contribute as a thought leader and changemaker for a healthier planet as you focus on exploring texts and histories connecting nature, culture, and human emotions and actions.

The environmental humanities concentration offers students who are interested in humanities-based approaches to the current global environmental crisis an option to focus on this vital area of study. Students take courses and electives from selected programs that are focused on the human relationship to the environment and the relationship between nature and culture. To gain practical experience, students also complete a required internship in environmental activism, policy development, education, or other pertinent areas.


  • Students must complete a minimum of 24 credit hours including 12 of upper division hours for this concentration.
  • A minimum of 6 hours in the concentration must be taken in courses offered through the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts (CISA).
  • All courses must be completed with a grade of “C” (2.00) or higher.
  • Other ENG courses may be approved depending on special- or variable-topics courses available in given semesters.
  • If an environmental internship is not feasible, a student may petition to substitute (a.) an ENG 499 Independent Study on an environmental studies applied project or literature/writing topic OR (b.) an ENG 400-level course in environmental literature/writing.
  • Some elective courses are limited to students majoring in the discipline, have prerequisites or cannot be taken in combination with another course on the list. Additional courses may be approved by a CISA English advisor depending on special- or variable-topics courses available in given semesters.
  • Students may use only one concentration from the Department of English.

Core 12 Hours Required
Pick four ENG courses from the list below, with a minimum of at least one 400-level course:

ENG 334: The American Southwest in Literature and Film ((L or HU) & C) (3)

ENG 359: Indigenous American Literature ((L or HU) & C) (3)

ENG 367: Environmental Issues in Literature and Film (L or HU) (3)

ENG 371: Rhetoric of the Environmental Movement (3)

ENG 378: Environmental Creative Nonfiction (L or HU) (3)

ENG 468: Environmental Literary Criticism (L or HU) (3)

ENG 469: Science and Literature (3)

*Note: Other ENG courses may be approved by CISA advisors depending on special- or variable-topics courses available in given semesters.

Electives 12 hours
Pick 4 courses from the list below.  Additional ENG or other courses may be approved by the Polytechnic campus English advisor.
Select in consultation with an advisor.

ABS 260 Fundamentals of Urban Horticulture, SG (4)

ABS 301 Technology and Biology (2)

ABS 302 Ethical and Policy Issues in Biology (2)

ABS 363 Sustainable Landscape Practice (4) (Prerequisites: ABS 260; Credit is allowed for only ABS or PGM 363)

ABS 364 Urban Forestry (3) (Prerequisites: ABS 260)

ABS 381 Natural Resources Policy (3) (Pre-requisite: Minimum 45 hours)

ABS 460 Organic Gardening (2)

AFS 320 Africa: Politics, Environment, and Development (3) (Prerequisites: AFS 200 or completion of min 45 hours)

ASB 326 Human Impacts on Ancient Environments, SB & H (3)

GCU 102 Introduction to Human Geography, SB & G (3)

GCU 253 Introduction to Cultural and Historical Geography, SB & G (3)

GPH 210 Society and Environment, G (3)

HON 377 Nature in Context, L or HU (3)

HPS 312/HST 312 History of Women in Science and Medicine, HU or SB (3)

HPS 325/HST 385 History of Chinese Medicine, HU & H & G (3)

HPS 336 Exploration and Science, SB & H (3)

HST 280 History of Science, Technology and Innovation, SB & G & H (3)

HST 344 Arizona, SB & H (3)

HST 345 Environmental History, L (3)

HST 416 Western Rivers, L & H (3)

IAS 407/PHI 407 Environmental Philosophy and Policy, L or HU (3) (Prerequisite(s): Credit is allowed for only IAS 407 or PHI 407)

IAS 409 Eco-Community Ethics, HU (3) (Credit is allowed for only IAS 409 or PHI 409)

IAS 430 Science and Religion, L or HU (3) (Prerequisite(s):  Credit is allowed for only IAS 430 or MAS 510)

JUS 444 Environment and Justice, L & C (3) (Prerequisite(s): minimum 36 hours; Credit is allowed for only FIS 444 or JUS 444)

LPH 310 History of Landscape Architecture, HU & H & G (3) (Pre-requisites: Landscape architecture majors; ALA 100 or ALA 102; passed the degree milestone review, or non-majors with sophomore standing)

LSC 362 The Human Environment (3) (Prerequisite(s): BIO 181; BIO 182)

NTR 100 Introductory Nutrition (3)

PGS 222 Human Sexual Behavior, SB (3) (Credit is allowed for only BIO 324 or PHI 310)

PSY/PGS 306 Environmental Psychology, SB (3) (Prerequisites: PGS 101 with a grade of C or greater)

PHI 310 Environmental Ethics, HU (3) (Credit is allowed for only BIO 324 or PHI 310)

POL 445 OR SOC 445 Globalization, Development, and Resistance, SB & G (3)

PRM 120 Leisure and the Quality of Life, SB (3)

PRM 301 Sustainable Communities (3) (Pre-or Co-requisite: NLM 160 or PRM 120 with C or better if completed. Students who have credit for NLM 301 or TDM 301 may not enroll in PRM 301.)

PRM 340 Outdoor Survival (3)

PRM 370 Natural Resource Recreation Planning and Management (3) (Prerequisite: Must have completed 45 or more earned hours)

PRM 380 Wilderness and Parks in America, SB & H (3)

PRM 470 Environmental Interpretation and Education (3) (Prerequisites: Must have earned C or better in PRM 380)

PUP 100 Introduction to Environmental Design, HU & H & G (3)

PUP 445 Women and Environments, C (3) (Prerequisites: Must be one of the following Academic Levels: Junior, Senior, Post-Bacc Undergrad, Graduate or Post-Bacc Graduate including non-degree students)

REL 381 Religion and Moral Issues, L or HU (3)

REL 383 Origins, Evolution, and Creation (3)

SGS 111 Global History Since 1500, HU & H & G (3)

SGS 202 Technology and Nature in World Settings, G (3)

SGS 310 Global Urban Systems (3)

SGS 330 Globalization and the Environment: Problems and Solutions (3)

SOS 100 Introduction to Sustainability, G (3) (Prerequisites: Not open to Sustainability majors or majors with a Sustainability concentration)

TDM 480 Sustainable Tourism (3) (Prerequisites: PRM 120 or TDM 205 or 60 minimum hours)






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