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The Master of Counseling (MC) program is an approved program under the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners (AZBBHE), which provides a streamlined pathway to licensure for our master of counseling graduates in Arizona. The approval expiration date is October 4, 2023.

Mission Statement 

The mission of the 60-credit hour Master of Counseling (MC) program is to prepare students to become license eligible as professional counselors in Arizona and other states with comparable licensure requirements. With its strong focus on multicultural counseling across the lifespan, students learn to promote the health of individuals, families, groups, and organizations in a diverse society. The program prepares students to work with clients in a variety of mental health settings. The program also prepares students who wish to pursue doctoral-level studies.


Program Objectives

The MC program objectives reflect current knowledge and projected needs concerning counseling practice in a multicultural and pluralistic society. Graduates of the program will demonstrate:

  1. Knowledge and application of professional counseling ethics
  2. Knowledge and application of multicultural counseling and social justice competencies
  3. Knowledge of human growth and development and how it impacts counseling
  4. Knowledge of career development and ability to design interventions
  5. Knowledge and skill in establishing counseling relationships and employing intervention models
  6.  Knowledge and skill in group process and ability to intervene using groups
  7.  Knowledge of issues relevant to assessment selection and evaluation, and skilled in the appropriate use of assessment instruments
  8. Knowledge and application of basic research designs, statistics, and program evaluation
  9. Professional values and dispositions consistent with the American Counseling Association
  10. Knowledge of professional and clinical mental health counselor identity

Lisa Spanierman, Faculty Head
Jamie Bludworth, Training Director


Applications for fall 2020 admission are now closed

New students begin the program in fall semesters only. The MC program is an on-campus program. No online option is available.

All application materials must be submitted by the first business day after January 1 in order to ensure consideration for admission the following fall semester.

Apply to Master of Counseling program

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For additional information on the MC program, please review the:

MC Handbook

Please email us if you have  any questions not addressed in the handbook, or contact individual faculty members. Faculty members do welcome your questions, but due to the large number of applicants, please be patient about response times. Faculty members will respond as soon as time permits.

Additional resources available here:

Counseling (MC) Degree

ASU Master of Counseling 2018-2019 Statistics

Program completion rate = 94% *
Number of graduates = 32
Licensure/certification exam pass rate = 100%
Employment rate = 93%

*Students completed the program within the expected 2-3 year timeframe

Program Outcomes

MC Annual Report 2018-2019

MC Annual Report 2017-2018

MC Annual Report 2016-2017

MC Annual Report 2015-2016

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