Russian and East European Studies

The concentration in Russian and East European studies encourages students to develop special competency in Russian or East European languages and area studies. Course work is offered in agribusiness, architecture, biology, economics, Eurasian languages (Armenian, Tajik, Tatar, and Uzbek), geography, history, international business, music, political science, religious studies, Slavic and East European languages (Albanian, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Macedonian, Polish, Romanian, and Russian) and sociology and women's studies. Students enhance their prospects for study abroad fellowships, graduate admissions and also qualify for unique entry-level government employment opportunities.


  • Students must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours including 12 of upper division hours for this concentration.
  • All courses must be completed with a grade of “C” (2.00) or higher.
  • Students are required to meet with an advisor in the department of Russian & East European Studies to select an appropriate Capstone course.

Core 6 Hours Required
Select one HST course and one SLV/RUS course

HST 370 Eastern Europe in Transition (3)

HST 435 The Russian Empire (3)

HST 436 The Soviet Experiment (3) (Prerequisites: minimum 45 hours)

SLV 440 History of Slavic Languages (3)

RUS 441 Survey of Russian Culture (3) (Prerequisites: RUS 312 with a grade of C or better)

RUS 321 Foundations of Russian Literature (3)

RUS 322 Scandals and Scoundrels: The Nineteenth-Century Russian Novel (3)

Capstone 3 Hours Required

Consult a Russian & East European Studies advisor for a current list of acceptable courses.

Electives 9 Hours

At least three disciplines must be represented in the area-related course work, select courses from the disciplines listed here:


AGB 302 International Management of Agribusiness, G (3) (Prerequisite: ECN 212 or ECN 214 with grade of C or better. Credit is allowed for only BUA 394 (Perspectives in Global Business) or MGT 302)

AGB 452 International Agricultureal Policy

AGB 454 International Trade (3) (Prerequisite: AGB 302)

Art History

ARS 410 Early Christian and Byzantine Art

Architectural Philosophy and History (both courses required)

APH 336 20th Century Architecture I, HU (3)

APH 337 20th Century Architecture II, HU (3) (Prerequisite: APH 336)

ARS 410 Early Christian and Byzantine Art, HU (3)


ECN 306 Survey of International Economics, SB & G (3) (Prerequisites: ECN 211 or 213; ECN 212 or 214; MAT 211 or 271 with C or better)

ECN 331 Economics of the European Economic Union, SB & G (3) (Prerequisites: ECN 211 or 213, ECN 212 or 214, and MAT 211 or 271 with C or better)

ECN 365 Economics of Russia and Eastern Europe, SB & G (3) (Prerequisites: ECN 211 or 213, ECN 212 or 214, and MAT 211 or 271 with C or better)


SLC/FLA/RUS 323 Russian Literature and Revolution: The Twentieth Centure, (L or HU) & G (3)

SLC/FLA 394 Special Topics (1-4)

SLC/FLA 420 Foreign Literature in Translation, HU & G (3) 

SLC/FLA 494 Special Topics (1-4)

RUS 321 Foundations of Russian Literature, HU (3)

RUS 322 Scandals and Scoundrels: The Nineteenth-Centure Russian Novel, L or HU (3)

RUS 421 Pushkin, L or HU (3)

RUS 423 Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, L or HU, (3)

RUS 424 Tolstoy and War and Peace in Russian Literature and Cinema, L or HU (3)

RUS 425 Chekhov and Russian Drama, L or HU (3)

RUS 430 Russian Short Story, L or HU (3)

RUS 440 Russan Mass Media, G (3)

RUS 441 Survey of Russian Culture, (L or HU) & G & H (3)

SLV 304 Computational Linguistics of Slavic Languages, CS (3)

SLV 440 History of Slavic Language, SB (3)


HST 370 Eastern Europe in Transition, SB & G & H (3)

HST 371 Religion in Russia, HU & H (3) (Prerequisites: ENG 102, 105 or 108 with a C or better; Minimum 30 hours; Credit is allowed for only HST 371 or REL 377)

HST 431 Eastern Europe and the Balkans Pre 1914, SB & H (3)

HST 432 Eastern Europe and the Balkans 20th Century, SB & G & H (3)

HST 435 The Russian Empire, SB & H (3)

HST 436 The Soviet Experiment, SB & G & H (3) (Prerequisites: minimum 45 hours)

Music History/Literature

MHL 363 Survey of Russian Music, HU (3)

MHL 439 Music of the 19th Century, L & H (3) (Prerequisites: Must be a Music student; must have completed MHL341 & MHL342 & MTC223 with a C or greater)

MHL 456 History of Opera (3) (Prerequisites: Must be a Music student; must have completed MHL341 & MHL342 & MTC222 with a C or greater)

Political Science

POS 351 Democratization, SB & G (3)

POS 494 Special Topics (1-4)

Religious Studies

REL 270 Introduction to Christianity, HU (3)

REL 310 Western Religious Traditions, HU & H (3)

REL 365 Islamic Civilization, HU & H (3)

REL 364 Islam in Eurasia and Central Asia (3)

REL 366 Islam in the Modern World, HU & H & G (3)

REL 372 Formation of the Christian Tradition, HU & H (3)

REL 377 Religion in Russia, HU & H (3) (Students with credit for HST 371 may not enroll in REL 377)

REL 379 Religion, Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict, HU & G (3) (credit is allowed for only REL 379 or SGS 343)


SOC 332 The Modern City, SB & G (3) (Prerequisites: 24 hours and FAS 101 or FAS 330 or PGS 101 or SOC 101 with a C or better)

Women’s Studies (both courses required)

WST 340 Gender, Science, and Technology, SB (3) (Prerequisites: WST 100, 300 or minimum 30 hours)

WST 360 Women as Healers, SB & G (3) (Prerequisite: 30 minimum hours)

WST 457 Women, Culture, and Societies, SB & G (3) (Prerequisites: WST 100 or WST 300 with C or better)


All Interdisciplinary Studies students are required to complete a 12 credit hour core.

BIS 301, BIS 302 and BIS 402 courses require:

  • A meeting with your academic advisor to:
    Ensure both of your concentration areas have been declared
    Are working towards completing (or have completed) 1-2 courses in each declared concentration

  • One course meeting general studies MA requirement
  • ENG 102 or ENG 105 or ENG 108 or First Year Composition Completed
  • Minimum 2.00 GPA

Required Courses (12 credit hours):

BIS 301 Foundations of Interdisciplinary Studies, L (3)

BIS 302 Interdisciplinary Inquiry (3)
     Prerequisite(s): BIS 301 with C or better

BIS 401 Applied Interdisciplinary Studies (3) (requires application)
     Prerequisites: BIS 301 with C or better; BIS 302 with C or better; Minimum of two courses completed in each concentration area

BIS 402 Senior Seminar, L (3)
     Prerequisite(s): BIS 301 with C or better; BIS 302 with C or better

For important information, additional major requirements, course descriptions, and application deadlines: Interdisciplinary Studies Core Courses

For assistance in selecting your concentration areas of study complete the Interdisciplinary Studies concentration workshop: Interdisciplinary Studies Pre-Advising Workshop

Transfer to ASU

Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) transfer students

  • Courses may fulfill Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) or Associate’s degree requirements, consult with your community college academic advisor for details.
  • MCCCD course transfer equivalencies are listed here; they may be applied toward this concentration (maximum of six credits or two courses).
  • Information listed was current for this catalog year at the time of printing, consult for verification.









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