Application Process and Due Dates

Step 5: Complete the application process

Once you have a commitment from a faculty member who has agreed to mentor you on your directed study project, you and the faculty member will complete the Directed Study Application found below.  This application should be based on the planning sheet or outline that you and your mentor have already discussed. This application should serve as a mini syllabus for your project. You and your mentor will work collaboratively to create a list of assignments, due dates, and a grading scale.  You can see an example Directed Study application here.

Once completed, email the application to the 401 coordinator at before 4 p.m. Mountain Standard Time/Arizona Time on the application deadline noted below.



Application Close Date

Fall C 2019 (8/22 - 12/6)

Due August 8, 2019

Fall B 2019 (10/16 - 12/6)

Due September 26, 2019

Spring C 2020 (1/13 – 4/26)

Due December 12, 2019

Spring B 2020 (3/11 – 4/26)

Due February 20, 2020

Summer C 2020 (5/18 - 7/10)

Coming Soon

Summer B 2020 (7/1/ - 8/11)

Coming Soon