OGL 365 Descriptions

Fall 2019

The Integrated Worker
Instructor: Kelly Nelson

This course focuses on the individual worker within organizations. We’ll be exploring the process of onboarding, how introversion and extroversion play out at work, organizational citizenship behavior, counterproductive workplace behavior as well as work/life balance. Each week you’ll be asked to apply what we’re learning to your own work experience.

International Healthcare
Instructor: Bruce Oberstein

A comparison of the organization of healthcare in the world today. We will explore the impact on, and changes needed by organizations and governments to deliver healthcare, by analyzing the healthcare systems of selected counties around the world.

Leaders in Film
Instructor: Stephen Davis

This online course shines a spotlight on our media-cultural landscape, examining the ways leaders are portrayed in feature films and select TV series. Films and video clips will be the main texts in this course, along with supplemental readings. Suitable for all majors.

Leadership, Technological Innovation & Development
Instructor: Patience Akpan

The focus is on organizations in the global South, or less developed countries (LDCs) through relevant best practices from other parts of the world are utilized to broaden the scope of the course content. The course examines different types of leadership and leadership styles in organizations and how they determine outcomes in the implementation of new technologies in organizations.

Reinventing Organizations
Instructor: Michael Pryzdia

Explores how organizations function by analyzing in depth a specific organizational context like health care, family, education, government, community, religion or the economy.

Sports Leadership
Instructor: Bruce Oberstein

This course will examine the leadership skills used by coaches in professional and college sports to influence their teams and organizations to achieve their goals. The course will use case studies involving Team Building, Leadership, Management, and Work Ethic.

Imagining NGOs
Instructor: Emily Mertz

This course will discuss the role of development NGOs (non-governmental organizations) but also how NGOs work as organizations with an emphasis on the complexity of both the internal and contextual environments in which NGOs operate.