OGL 340 Descriptions

Spring 2020

The Aikido Way to Conflict Transformation

Instructor: Bill Erwin

Apply principles of the martial art, Aikido, to the conflicts in the workplace, and developing professional communication, conflict resolution, and mediation skills. Demonstrate the practical application of “Spitting Out the Hook,” H.E.A.R., Burn Clean, and SAY YES to workplace conflicts.

Digital Citizenship

Instructor: Matthew Rodgers

Explore the concept of digital citizenship in an increasingly technological world. We will look at the proliferation of new technologies since the late 1980s and how many of these have led to new concerns around what physical versus digital communities mean, especially in terms of geography, access, and rights. We will explore several case studies of digital citizenship, including instances of irresponsible digital citizenship and other phenomena connected to online communities. Finally, we will conclude with a comprehensive analysis of current issues that relate to digital citizenship, globalization, and the policies that shape this discourse in the 21st century.