4 plus 1

Earn your bachelor's degree and master's degree in 5 years

Herpetology-applied biological sciences

Save time, tuition and easily transition into grad school with our accelerated master's degree programs known as 4+1 degrees.

Sharing 12 credit hours across the undergraduate major and graduate program, you earn your master’s in one year rather than two.

A minimum 3.0 GPA is required but there is no entry exam. You apply for the program after you have completed at least 75 credit-hours.

This option is available for the:

4+1 Leading to the MS in Applied Biological Sciences
---any of the five concentrations within the applied biological sciences major at ASU Polytechnic campus: natural resource ecology, preveterinary medicine, applied biological sciences, secondary education, and sustainable horticulture.

4+1 Leading to the MS in Integrative Social Science
---any of the three social science majors at ASU Polytechnic campus: integrative social science; political science; and science, technology and society.

Undergrad major in Integrative Social Science

Students in the science lab