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Gerry West memoji

Gerry West

Associate Director
Recruitment, Outreach and Engagement


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Kelley Karnes

Creative Services, marketing/comm specialist 


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Robert Nguyen

CISA Student Ambassador
Class of 2020 Appplied biological sciences graduate


A podcast by and for ASU College of Integrative Sciences and Arts students and prospective students, The Buzz is a good-natured source for real talk and an insiders' look into everyday experiences in CISA! 

Hosted by Gerry West (the brilliantly insightful yet always chill Recruiting, Outreach and Engagement associate director), Kelley Karnes (the saavy and brutally witty Creative Services professional who's earned two degrees at ASU), and Robert Nguyen (the all-around awesome recent outstanding grad and CISA Student Ambassador), each session features student participants and a surprising array of other guests from across ASU and beyond. 

What do CISA students and faculty love about their college? What are some of their pet peeves? What tips would they give to newcomers? Regular segments include "My Top Five" and "Hacks I Wish I'd Known."

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The Buzz: Episode One

What have you been missing most? Coping with COVID-19

Welcome to the very first episode of The Buzz! In our first show, participants discuss COVID-19 and the effect it's had on life. Three CISA students and faculty guest Asao Inoue—Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Equity and Inclusion—talk about what they've been missing and doing differently during this time of distant socializing and the transition from in-person classes to synchronous Zoom mode. They also talk about how it was they decided to come to ASU! Be sure to stick around for the lively give and take Asao, Carter, Natalie and David have about online professor-rating sites!

The Buzz: Episode Two

Pre-med/pre-health HELP!!!!!

Are you currently, or do you think you might be, a pre-health or pre-med student? Then this episode is for you! There are many paths to medical-related careers and CISA's applied biological sciences major at Polytechnic (our largest major at Poly!) provides a strong launchpad for those looking to pursue graduate professional programs in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science..The students who've just graduated with Applied Biological Sciences degrees share advice on setting yourself up for graduate school, study tips and tricks, and the importance of being involved at ASU. You'll also hear from Jackie Ries, assistant manager of recruitment for the College of Health Solutions, about programs and opportunities CHS offers, including the medical studies program coming to Polytechnic campus this fall. 


The Buzz: Episode Three

Why did you choose ASU?

Choosing where you go to college is a big deal and there are many factors to consider. We talk to students and dive into why they chose ASU and how they came to the majors they picked. You'll also get to hear from the very smart, multilingual, possibly an international spy, Mirna Lattouf, principal lecturer in CISA's Faculty of Languages and Cultures. Learn how she came to be an academic and why she chose ASU. Honestly, you'll agree that she probably worked for the CIA or something.

Episode Coming Soon!



The Buzz: Episode Four

A conversation with students & ASU's Center for the Study of Race and Democracy

The Buzz talks with three students of color and Professor Lois Brown, director of CISA's Center for the Study of Race and Democracy, about the impact of, and their feelings since, the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis law enforcement. They discuss ways racism is experienced, the need for open conversations, listening and action to promote real change at this time of historic momentum, and talk about college being a place to learn to understand other people's experiences. Dr. Brown also talks about the Center's unique programs—now happening virtually—and how anyone can engage with these programs. She and the students also share tips for ways to get engaged in classes, intermurals, clubs and where to find out about campus events. Simone, Robert and Kyra dish about their favorite restaurants, tips they have for incoming students, and they share why they decided to attend ASU.


The Buzz: Episode Five

Episode Coming Soon!



The Buzz: Bonus Content

Student College Hack: Natalie Alexander

Student College Hack: David Franco

Student College Hack: Carter Williamson