The IDS 401 Experience


In the IDS 401 Experience, you will arrange, plan and execute your own learning project. Whether you choose to do Applied Study or Directed Study, your experience will integrate both of your chosen interdisciplinary academic concentrations in a meaningful way.

During the experience, you’ll be guided in doing interdisciplinary application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. The essence of the IDS 401 experience is application, and the more complex efforts that application enables. In IDS 401 you will apply the prerequisite interdisciplinary knowledge you acquired in earlier core courses, and the prerequisite disciplinary knowledge you acquired from your concentration areas. How you apply this knowledge takes the form of the higher-order skills: analysis, evaluation, and finally creation.

 Course Requirements:

  • Completed IDS 201 or 301 AND IDS 302 with a C or better
  • Completed 2 courses in each concentration area. 
  • Complete an application for any of the three options by the posted deadline
  • In good academic standing: cumulative ASU GPA of 2.0 or better

applied study

Applied Study

The applied study is a traditional work experience, where you will spend 125 hours at a site of your choosing putting your integration and concentration area knowledge to the test.  In addition to the hours completed onsite, there will be an online class component where you will reflect on your internship work.


BIS 401 Directed Study

Directed Study

A directed study is a thesis or research project that you will design in consultation with a faculty member.  This option is best suited for students who are interested in graduate school or have a creative project they are interested in pursuing. This can be a great way to start a CV, create a portfolio, or design your own project. The directed study is a student-led project that requires strong organizational skills. 

Research Fellows 

Partner with Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies faculty to assist them with research and ongoing faculty-led projects. The Research Fellowship IDS 401 option is highly competitive, so students should begin planning for this option early.