IDS 401 Research Fellows


Beginning in Fall 2019, the Interdisciplinary Research Fellows topic gives students a chance to connect with faculty in a new way. Students will be able to partner with full-time faculty to work on highly specialized projects and research initiatives in this new faculty-led IDS 401 option.

Students who have taken part in research projects in the past have gained many benefits from the experience, such as learning how to conduct experiments, analyze and report data, present findings, as well as how to move forward after a setback.

Interdisciplinary Research Fellows Requirements

•Must be in academic good standing with a minimum 2.0 GPA.

•Meet all posted requirements for the specific faculty projects you are applying for.

Applying for Research Fellows

Each application will be a little different. Students interested in complete the IDS 401: Research Fellows should email all requested information under the "applicant requirements" section for each of the projects they are interested in applying for by the posted deadline. This will usually include a resume and unofficial transcripts, but many have project-specific application requirements. Please make sure to include all requirements. Please email this information to with the subject "Research Fellows Application" by the posted deadline. This is a highly competitive option and will require students to be organized and plan. No extensions will be given. Since this is a highly competitive option, students are encouraged to apply for their top three choices. This leads to the greatest likelihood of being placed. 

Application Deadline 

Sessions Deadline
Fall B 2023 (10/11 – 12/1) Due September 21st, 2023
Spring A 2024 (1/8 – 2/27) Due December 7th, 2023

Spring C 2024 (1/8 – 4/26)

Due December 7th, 2023
Spring B 2024 (3/11 – 4/26) Due February 19th, 2024
Summer A 2024 (5/16 – 6/26) Due April 25th, 2024
Summer C 2024 (5/16 – 7/10) Due April 25th, 2024
Summer B 2024 (7/1 – 8/9) Due June 10th, 2024


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