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Writers' Studio

Writing Mentors

Writing mentors are an integral part of the Writers’ Studio. Writing mentors are peer tutors who work with students in the Writers’ Studio to provide good feedback on writing projects and to assist with moderating group discussions. Writing mentors reflect the core values of the program, namely, that writing is a social act and that collaboration among peers is a valuable and highly effective method of learning. Together with instructors, writing mentors work closely with students in the Writers’ Studio to foster a collaborative, interactive online learning space.

Our writing mentors are both advanced undergraduate and graduate students at ASU who are chosen for their strong writing skills and investment in helping others to improve their writing.

In their first semester in the program, mentors participate in a 3-unit seminar on the theory and practice of teaching writing; they reflect on their own practices as writers, develop a theory of teaching and writing, learn how to employ different technologies to respond to written and multimodal composition projects, and cultivate a variety of feedback methods for the diverse group of learners in our program. They also receive important mentoring from instructors, who provide feedback on their comments and guide them in their interactions with students.

Writing mentors do not grade essays. Rather, they comment on invention work, review second drafts of the multimodal projects students compose in the course, and provide additional support to students throughout the writing process. Ultimately, the writing mentors help make the Writers’ Studio a vibrant, dynamic learning space.

How do I become a Writing Mentor?

Writers' Studio is always looking for students to join our team as Writing Mentors!

You meet the minimum qualifications if:

  • you are an ASU undergraduate or graduate student in good academic standing (with a minimum of 25 ASU or transferable credits)
  • you have completed ENG 102 or ENG 105 with a grade of B+ or higher
  • you have some experience with small-group activities (as a participant or as a leader) 
  • you have a desire to extend writing support to others and help build a community of undergraduate writers striving for excellence and future-preparedness!

We hire Writing Mentors (Student Worker III) on a continuous basis.

To apply, visit the ASU Student Employment website:

For more information, email Michelle Stuckey, clinical assistant professor, Writers' Studio.