Students reflect on Writers' Studio


About the course format ...

At first I thought having to write several drafts was going to be very tedious. I learned through this course, however, that it is more like sanding a rough piece of wood. Ideas are roughly captured with outlines and invention writing; details are added to the body as discovery of information and ideas are collected, and then through peer reviews your work starts to gain its true shape. As you whittle through the suggestions and focus your work, your theme is clearly revealed. Without this process, you would lose a lot of the polish of a finished body of writing."  — Marie

"I did not think I would like the online format of the class, and now I would prefer the online setting of an English class over an in-person class. Because of the online format, I learned much more than how to creative effective papers...The projects prompted me to compose in different kinds of electronic environments...I learned how to make a blog, a YouTube video, and embed videos and music,"  — comment from student course evaluation

"When I started this course I anticipated a lot of writing outlines and papers. I did not anticipate an online ePortfolio, a Prezi presentation, group discussions and projects, peer reviews, or analyzing photos and creating one of my own. Each one of these methods of communication required their own tone and method of delivery catered to a specific audience. This was really impactful for me because it really showed me that writing is everywhere, and that your outcome can be enhanced by adapting your methods."  — Marie

To be honest, when I started English 101 I would not have expected to engage this deeply and I am appreciative of the class, the work involved, learning to write iteratively, learning to appreciate peer review and trying to grapple with the unspoken structures and assumptions of the world in which I live."  — Richard

"This class pushed me to use formats I had little to no experience using. I for sure feel more confident compiling my writing for future classes because of all the different avenues I was required to explore in this class."  — Jessica


About peer review ...

"Peer review has probably been the most beneficial aspect of this entire class. I understand now why so much time is dedicated to this process, and I'm sure the lessons of peer review will serve me in every writing assignment I encounter thoughout my time at ASU."  — Cindy

"'It takes a village to raise a child' and it takes a class to produce a good writing piece...At the beginning, I felt awkward critiquing my peer's writing, but I eventually got used to it and enjoyed it. I use my peer reviews as a sounding board to test the validity and the clarity of my thesis. When I write, the subject, the theme, and the background might be clear to me but not necessarily to my reader. Submitting my writing for others to read pinpoints to me what is unclear and what is missing, along with other mistakes."  – Hajar

"This class emphasized the importance of peer review and gave us the tools to learn how to effectively use the feedback we received."  — comment from student course evaluation

"After receiving two peer reviews, a writing center review, and a review from our professor, I can clearly see the importance of collaboration. Without the feedback from others it would have been difficult to see my piece objectively and revise appropriately. The changes I made directly correlate to my collaborations; without them my writing would not have progressed."  — Jessica