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We offer a Spanish minor and a Spanish for the Professions certificate.

The Spanish minor  and Spanish for the Professions certificate consists of 18 semester hours of courses to hone your Spanish communication skills and cultural knowledge that will help you serve the needs of the U.S. Latino community in professional settings (i.e., criminology, education, health care, journalism, social work).

Prerequisite: SPA 314 or SPA 316 or permission of instructor.

Required Courses (12 credits)
SPA 317 Spanish for the Professions (3)
SPA 404 Spanish in U.S. Professional Communities, C (3)
SPA 405 Latino Cultural Perspectives for the Professions, C (3)
SPA 484 Internship (3)*

Elective Course Options (six credits chosen from the following list)
SPA 403 Spanish Grammar and Stylistics for the Professions (3)
SPA 300- or 400-level Spanish courses focused on the professions (e.g., business, education, engineering and urban planning, health care, journalism, legal and justice studies, medical or legal interpretation, social work, sustainability) (3)*

All courses for this minor will require a minimum grade of "C" (2.00) or better to receive credit toward fulfilling minor requirements.

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