Research in Quantum Field Theory: Relativistic Matter in a Magnetic Field

The general goal of this project is to advance theoretical knowledge about the properties of various forms of relativistic matter in magnetic fields. The corresponding forms of matter are of great importance for basic research, including the phenomenology of compact stars, the evolution of the Early Universe, and the physics of relativistic heavy ion collisions. They are also relevant for a large class of novel solid state materials (e.g., graphene and Dirac/Weyl semimetals) which became very popular in recent years because of their unusual electronic properties and a great potential for wide-ranging applications. The key topics of the project include (i) chirality and its role in magnetized relativistic matter, (ii) the underlying theory and observational implications of the chiral magnetic effects in Dirac/Weyl materials. In addition to expanding the fundamental knowledge on relativistic forms of matter, the results from this project are expected to benefit applied research in Dirac/Weyl materials, which hold a great promise for future applications. This project is used as a platform for training graduate students.

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Principal Investigator
Igor Shovkovy

Funding agency: National Science Foundation

Date: 07/15/2014 through 06/30/2017

Amount: $301,286