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Master of Liberal Studies

2023 - 2024 MLSt Handbook

About the Master of Liberal Studies

Our Master of Liberal Studies program allows you to develop a broad knowledge and apply it to real-world problems. It offers a breadth of integrative knowledge focused on application to real-world contexts. Whether you are interested in advancing your current workforce skills, becoming a more effective community contributor, preparing for advanced graduate-level work (Ph.D., JD, etc.), or simply want to pursue a love of learning, this degree is designed for you.

What is a Master of Liberal Studies? 
A Master of Liberal Studies is an advanced degree that situates knowledge and know-how at the intersections of culture, community, and profession. Its emphasis on integrative knowledge and real-world problem-focused approach fosters competencies that transcend academic, social, and personal life. Communication, holistic analysis, perspective taking, and research are featured aspects of all core courses.

What makes the Master of Liberal Studies program unique?
By leveraging multiple perspectives, our Master of Liberal Studies cultivates the capacity to see and understand the complex reality of our real-world problems and navigate challenges across cultural, professional, and personal contexts.

Another unique aspect of our degree is the customization of learning.  When you earn your Master of Liberal Studies, you select the majority of your courses from a wide-ranging list of electives. Working closely with faculty advisors, you select the courses that meet your interests and needs. Featuring courses from across the humanities, social sciences, arts, and natural sciences, this degree prepares students to become master learners across a wide range of cultural and social contexts.  All this culminates in an applied learning experience under the guidance of a seasoned faculty member.


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