Medical/Compassionate Withdrawal Instructions


Medical/compassionate withdrawals may be considered when incompletes or other arrangements with instructors are not available, or when restricted withdrawals and other enrollment options are not possible.


  • Medical Withdrawals may be requested when extraordinary circumstances, such as a serious illness or injury, prevent the student from continuing classes.  This policy covers both physical-health and mental-health difficulties. 
  • Compassionate Withdrawals may be requested in extraordinary cases in which a significant personal situation, (for example, the serious illness of a child or spouse or the death of a parent, child or spouse) prevents a student from continuing in classes.


All requests require thorough and credible documentation. Verification of authenticity of documentation is standard practice.   Students may request a complete or partial withdrawal for a semester, however partial withdrawals must include additional information to justify the selective nature of the request.   It is the student's responsibility to ensure appropriate forms and documents are included and complete.  


Students receiving financial assistance 

Students receiving financial assistance are strongly encouraged to consult with a Student Financial Assistance Counselor to identify and understand the financial assistance / monetary implications of processing this withdrawal transaction at


Students receiving Military Benefits

Students receiving veterans’ benefits must contact  the Pat Tillman Veterans Center (PTVC) regarding any impact of a medical/compassionate withdrawal to benefits or eligibility at


Submission of Medical/Compassionate Withdrawal Materials



Click on the Request for Documented Medical/Compassionate Withdrawal Form below, to access the request form.  Download the PDF form,  save, and then open to enter  information on the fillable PDF form.  Once completed,  save the form and email to .Students should also attach a personal statement and any relevant documentation to the email.   

If you are unable to access the form, please email for additional instructions. 


Required Documents

Medical/Compassionate Withdrawal Request Form

  • If requesting a Medical/Compassionate Withdrawal for more than one semester, each semester of coursework must be on a separate form.  
  • The top of the form(s) must be completed and signed by the student. If the student is physically unable to do so, a parent, spouse or other representative may complete the process for them. 
  • Write a brief statement outlining the reason for your request.
  •  You will be contacted if additional information is needed.

Medical Withdrawal Documentation

  • Include a scanned letter, on letterhead, from your health care provider with your submission.  Your letter should include the following:
    • Date of the onset of the illness
    • Dates of medical care
    • General nature of your medical condition and how/why it prevented completion of your course work
    • Date of your anticipated return to school
    • Last day you were able to attend class

Contact Information


Phone:  480-965-4464