Secondary Education Certificate




The Secondary Education Certificate concentration prepares students who wish to teach students enrolled in sixth through twelfth grades. The aim of this program is that students will:

  • develop a strong content background in an area of specialization (2nd concentration area).  Recommended areas for specialization include: biological sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, business, English, foreign language (Chinese, French, German, Spanish), social studies areas (economics, geography, history, political science).
  • focus on developing the requisite teaching knowledge and abilities to successfully teach middle or high school students.
  • integrate teacher preparation with your academic specialization.
  • receive an institutional recommendation (IR) and apply for the secondary education teaching certificate in Arizona.

The State Press news video explains the secondary education certificate. Since the production of this video, the Arizona Department of Education has changed secondary education from grades 7-12 to grades 6-12 (middle grade and high school teacher certification).

ASU academic programs are designed to prepare students to apply for applicable licensure or certification in Arizona. Completion of an ASU program may not meet educational requirements for license or certification in another state. If you are planning to pursue professional licensure or certification in a state other than Arizona, it is strongly recommended that you visit the ASU professional licensure webpage for contact information of the appropriate licensing entity to seek information and guidance regarding licensure or certification requirements.



  • Students must complete a minimum of 32 credit hours.
  • Students are required to meet with an advisor with the Teachers College to determine an appropriate timeline for completing all courses and requirements - call 480-965-5555 to schedule.
  • Students must have a 2.25 CUM GPA
  • Students must obtain DPS, Identity Verified Print (IVP), Fingerprint Clearance Card.
  • Students must pass appropriate Teacher Certification Exams (based on area of specialization). See Teachers College advisor to determine appropriate exam:
  • Students must submit the online form (Intent to Progress Form) notifying Teachers College when student is ready to begin upper division course work and internship experience.
    • After submitting the intent to progress form, you will be invited to attend an orientation to learn about program policies, clinical experience requirements. You cannot enroll in courses until attending this mandatory meeting.

 Required Core - 16 credit hours

SPE 222: Orientation to Education of Exceptional Children (SB & C) (3)
TEL 310: Instructional Thought and Action: Instructional Design and Planning (3)
TEL 317: Instructional Thought and Action: Learning Environment and Management (3)
TEL 318: Instructional Thought and Action: Assessment for Learning (3)
TEL 332: Disciplinary Literacy Methods (3)
TEL 471: Professional Educator Series: The Principled Educator (1)

Methods Course (choose one) -- 3 credit hours
Please consult with MLFTC academic advisor to select appropriate subject methods course.

BIO 480: Methods of Teaching Biology (3)
CHM 480: Methods of Teaching Chemistry (3)
ENG 480: Methods of Teaching English: Composition (L) (3)
ENG 482: Methods of Teaching English: Language (L) (3)
HST 480: Methods of Teaching History: Classroom Resources (3)
MTE 482: Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Secondary School (3)
MTE 485: Methods of Teaching Standards-Based Middle Grades and Early Secondary

Mathematics (3)

PHY 480: Methods of Teaching Physics (3)
SED 403: Secondary Principles, Curriculum and Methods (3)
SED 480: Special Methods of Teaching Social Studies (3)
SED 482: Science Teaching Methods for Secondary Schools (3)
SES 480: Teaching Earth and Space Sciences (3)

Required Clinical Experiences -- 13 credit hours

TEL 477: Internship: Advanced (2)
Note: During your clinical experience internship(s) you will work alongside a lead teacher, in a 6-12th grade classroom. Students are required to complete a minimum of one semester of interning one full day per week in a grade 6-12 classroom for a total of 12 weeks and 75 hours.

TEL 488: Student Teaching (11) 
Note: A full-time 15-week student teaching experience is also required. Your student teaching residency requires a full-time commitment in a 6-12th grade classroom for the semester. Degree requirements for student's major must be completed prior to student teaching. 

Recommended Course (Not Required) -- 3 credit hours

BLE 220: Foundations of Structured English Immersion (L) (3)
Note: Leads to SEI endorsement, which authorizes the holder to teach one or more English language learners in the area they are appropriately certified.


Upper division education courses require co-enrollment in a clinical experience internship. Students who choose to complete the program over more than two semesters will be required to complete an additional clinical experience course for every semester they are enrolled in upper-division courses.  See advisor for program pathway options.




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