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The concentration in music performance allows students who have a background playing an instrument or singing to continue to develop their musicianship.  The course work develops these skills through individual instrumental or vocal instruction and performance opportunities through various ensemble experiences. The program also includes the study of theoretical and historical elements of music. Students interested in pursuing the concentration in music performance should contact the School of Music's Office of Academic Affairs for audition information and to schedule the audition.

Admission requirement: An audition is required for entrance into the concentration and MUP 121 study. Audition criteria are determined by area faculty and will be similar to the MUP 111 and MUP 311 criteria found in the Audition Requirements section on this webpage:


  • Students must complete a minimum of 21 credit hours including 12 of upper division hours for this concentration.
  • All courses must be completed with a grade of “C” (2.00) or higher.
  • A maximum of 9 hours may be transferred from another institution and applied toward this concentration.
  • * Students must consult the academic advising office with the School of Music to obtain an enrollment override into MUP 121/321 for each semester the course is taken.
  • ** Students must pass the theory diagnostic exam on this link: with a 70% or higher before an override for enrollment in MTC 125 will be provided by the School of Music.

Required Courses - 6 credit hours

MUP 121 Studio Instruction - Secondary or minor instrument instruction (1)(Note: Two semesters of MUP 121 are required.)

MUS 131 Bach to Bebop (3) (offered fall semesters)
MUS 355 American Music, HU & C & H  (3) (Prerequisite: Minimum 42 hours)

MUP 321 Studio Instruction - Secondary or minor instrument instruction (1)* (repeatable for credit)

Ensemble - 3 credit hours

MUP 442 Instrumental Ensembles (1-2)

MUP 443 Choral Ensembles (1-2)

MUP 444 Concert Band (1-2) (Credit is allowed for only MUP 444 or MUP 494 (Concert Band))

MUP 450 Choral Union (1-2) (Credit is allowed for only MUP 450 or 550)

MUP 455 Men's Choir (1-2)

MUP 457 Women’s Chorus (1-2) (Credit is allowed for only MUP 457 or 557)

MUP 458 ASU Gospel Choir (1)

MUP 459 Barrett Choir (1)

MUP 486 Concert Jazz Band, Jazz Repertory Band or Latin Jazz Ensemble (1)

Fourth Semester Ensemble -1 credit hour

MUS 294 Special Topics: [*ROCK*BAN*] Rock Band (1-4)

MUP 441 Popular Music Ensemble (1)

MUP 442 Instrumental Ensembles (1-2)

MUP 443 Choral Ensembles (1-2)

MUP 444 Concert Band (1-2) (Credit is allowed for only MUP 444 or MUP 494 (Concert Band))

MUP 450 Choral Union (1-2)

MUP 455 Men's Chorus (1-2)

MUP 457 Women's Chorus (1-2)

MUP 458 ASU Gospel Choir (1)

MUP 459 Barrett Choir (1-2)

MUP 485 Percussion Ensamble (1) (Prerequisite(s): Music major who has passed audition)

MUP 486 Jazz Band (1)

MUP 489 Ethnomusicology Ensembles (1) )Prerequisite(s): minimum 45 hours)

History - 6 credit hours
MHL courses may be accepted if the appropriate prerequisites are met and/or with instructor approval, consult with an advisor in the School of Music.

MUS 340 Music for the Concert Hall, Stage, and Screen, HU & H (3) (Prerequisite: Minimum 42 hours)

MUS 347 Jazz in America, HU & C (3)

MUS 354 Topic: Classic Rock: 1950-1975, HU (3) (Prerequisite: Minimum 42 hours)

MUS 355 American Music, HU & C & H (3) (Prerequisite: Minimum 42 hours)

MUS 356 Broadway and the American Musical, HU (3)

MUS 362 Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture, HU & C (3) (Minimum 42 hours; Credit is allowed for only MUS 354 (Hip Hop) or 362)

MUS 410 History of Women in Music, HU & C & H (3)

Theory - 3 credit hours

MUS 100 Fundamentals of Music Notation (3)

MTC 125 Basic Music Theory (3)** (Students must pass the theory diagnostic exam, see note above)

Electives - 2 Upper Division Hours Required








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