Interdisciplinary Studies Core Courses

The Interdisciplinary Core Courses

Required Core Courses (9 credit hours)

Context courses (6 credit hours)

Choose two Integrative Context courses from the following (3 credit hours):

Application courses (3 credit hours)

Choose any IDS Application course from the following (3 credit hours):

IDS 302: Integration Skills IDS 310: Integration: Cultural Contexts, C IDS 311: Integration: Global Contexts, G, SB IDS 312: Integrative Perspectives on Change IDS 313: Integrative Perspectives on a Changing World IDS 314: Integrative Perspectives on Cultural Dynamics, SB IDS 315: Integration: Social Contexts, SB IDS 316: Integration: Humanities Contexts, HU IDS 484 Elective Internship IDS 499 Independent Study