Explore Interdisciplinary Studies Concentrations by Interest Area

Take an active role in designing your own major by selecting the two subject areas you want to study. The check sheets below list the required and elective classes for each concentration area. Courses designated with * have direct transfer equivalents from the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD). Courses are also indicated on the individual check sheets.

If you need to access an archived checksheet and can't find it here, run a DARS report or contact an advisor for assistance.




Connecting people through a variety of artistic platforms is the goal of this concentration set. Students are provided a broad overview in the history, process, and concepts of the specified field of study.

Community enrichment and improvement are at the forefront of students who feel connected to making a difference on social, philosophical, political or nonprofit landscapes. Each of these concentrations are geared towards special interests helping students develop skill sets to become agents of change.

Passionate individuals who have a natural desire to help and inspire others might find themselves interested in the education field. Students are provided a foundation in the field of education studying current issues and educational setting both in and outside the classroom.




Holistic development is the approach of this concentration set. Students are given an array of options focused on mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual wellness. These concentrations serve as a strong foundation for continued specialized education in the health field.

Self-directed individuals are typically drawn to this concentration set. Students are given the opportunity to explore an array of specific interests within the Business realm with special focuses available on cooperate, nonprofit, start-up and government sectors.

Abstract problem-solving students are drawn to this concentration set, which offers the opportunity to develop a basic foundational skillset in the specified STEM-related fields.




Immersion, exploration and tradition are cornerstones for this set of concentrations. Students explore the social landscape through the study of gender identity, philosophy, languages, religions and cultural heritages.

Rooted in liberal arts, the humanities concentrations offer a diverse approach to learning. It explores written and oral communication, historical perspectives and philosophic approaches to better understand multiple viewpoints.

Environmental conservation and innovation are the focal points of these concentrations. Students can choose from a variety of themes ranging from earth ecosystems, social and political environments, natural preservation or resource management. 




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