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Interdisciplinary Studies Core Courses: 499

BIS 499 Independent Study Opportunities with Interdisciplinary Studies Faculty

(1 to 6 credits)

The BIS 499 Independent Study provides an opportunity for original study or investigation using methods of interdisciplinary inquiry on an individual and more autonomous basis. Requires application well in advance of regular registration and approval by both the instructor with whom the student will work and the dean of the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts. This course is open to all Interdisciplinary Studies students who have completed at least one semester in residence at ASU and are in good standing with the university. A special class fee may be required.

The most common use of BIS 499 is for 1 credit when a student petitions the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts Standards Committee (see Standards Petitions) to change a concentration area AFTER already having completed BIS 301. That 1 credit course can be done concurrently with other BIS course work in most cases.

Alternatively, you may work with BIS faculty on an independent study. Our listing of opportunities for 401directed studies could also be taken for BIS 499. Students interested in one of the applied study options with BIS faculty who are not eligible for BIS 401or have already taken BIS 401, should apply for BIS 484 instead.

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