Capstone Portfolio Outcomes

Technical Communication (BS)

Students are expected to demonstrate competency in rhetorical knowledge; critical thinking, analysis, and research; practices and processes of the field; and technology.

Rhetorical Knowledge

  • Recognize and understand the ways in which genres shape communication
  • Understand the importance of user-centered design
  • Analyze, articulate and respond to the needs of specific audiences and communication situations
  • Apply conventions of genre and form appropriate to specific audiences and contexts

Critical Thinking, Analysis, and Research

  • Understand a variety of theoretical approaches to technical communication
  • Understand relationships among language, knowledge, and power
  • Recognize, analyze, and understand the contexts within which language, information, and knowledge are produced, managed, organized, and disseminated
  • Integrate previously held beliefs, assumptions, and knowledge with new information and the ideas of others
  • Understand ideological perspectives regarding research methods and research design
  • Read, interpret, and evaluate research studies
  • Identify and apply appropriate methods for investigating particular research questions

Practices and Processes

  • Develop flexible strategies for drafting, revising, and editing
  • Demonstrate ability to communicate verbally and visually in multiple genres
  • Understand the collaborative and social aspects of research, writing, and design processes
  • Demonstrate awareness of community and cultural patterns in communication
  • Demonstrate understanding of legal and ethical uses of information and technology


  • Demonstrate a critical perspective of technology, its uses, users, and contexts
  • Understand the role of technologies/media in accessing, managing, developing, and communicating information
  • Choose appropriate technologies for presenting, organizing, and communicating information for a range of audiences, purposes, and genres
  • Demonstrate ability to use a range of technologies for writing, editing, and designing
  • Develop flexibility in adapting to new technologies



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