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Technical Communication Capstone Portfolio

What is the TC Capstone?

The capstone portfolio is the culmination of your program of study in the TC Program. The capstone portfolio serves two purposes:

By creating a capstone portfolio, you bring together and integrate your coursework to demonstrate how you have applied concepts and achieved outcomes. Your portfolio evaluation will provide you with an overall evaluation of your work throughout the TC Program.

As part of the capstone course, your final portfolio will be evaluated using TC Program Outcomes as criteria. The Outcomes represent what we, as faculty, believe you should know and be able to do by the time you graduate. You will receive your scores and comments as part of your final grade for the course. Following this formal evaluation, TC faculty and students will be invited to view and comment on your portfolios.

When should I start to prepare for the Capstone?

Ideally, you should begin to think about and prepare for the capstone during your first semester in the TC Program. All of your TC courses should list the specific program outcomes that that course is designed to help you achieve. In addition, you should set up a file system to store your work from each of your courses so that you'll have assignments and other work readily available to use in the capstone course. And be sure to create a backup system for your work: plan for technology problems by backing up documents on a flash drive, external hard drive, or other storage location in case of computer problems or crashes.

As you are taking courses, you may want to keep a "working portfolio" of your assignments and other course materials. Keeping a working portfolio will help you organize your work so that you can more easily and quickly make selections when it comes time to decide on the content of your capstone portfolio. You may also want to keep notes or a journal about individual courses. Notes or a journal can help serve as memory prompts or reminders about the work you did and what you learned in individual courses.

What is the Capstone Course (TWC490)?

You will enroll in TWC490 Capstone during your final semester in the TC Program (the semester in which you will graduate; the capstone course cannot be taken early). The course will assist you with the process of composing and presenting your portfolio. During the course you will work together to analyze your assignments from previous semesters and to draft, review, revise, and submit your portfolio.

Can I take the Capstone Course over the summer?

Currently, we offer the capstone course during the Spring and Fall semesters.

Can I submit my Portfolio late?

Your portfolio must be completed by the submission deadline established at the beginning of the semester in which you are enrolled in the capstone course. Portfolios will not be accepted late under any circumstances. If your portfolio is late, you will be required to retake the Capstone course.

What do I include in my Porfolio?

In your portfolio, you will present an argument that you have achieved TC Program outcomes using artifacts (assignments, etc) from your courses to support and cite as evidence for your persuasive statement. There are no requirements for number or type of content to be selected as evidence; however, you should select and present enough artifacts to convincingly support the argument that you have achieved outcomes. However, your narration/presentation of your portfolio must not exceed 15 minutes.

What format should I use for my Portfolio?

Your portfolio must be a narrated presentation. The format and medium you use is a choice and decision you'll make as you prepare your portfolio. Portfolios from previous semesters have been submitted as narrated PowerPoint, videos, websites with embedded video or embedded audio..

Where should I submit my Portfolio?

We currently use Digication, eportfolio software, for portfolio submissions. Instructions on where and how to submit your portfolio will be provided in the Capstone course.

How long should my Portfolio be?

Your portfolio's length will be determined by the number of artifacts you choose to include and by your narration explaining how you have achieved outcomes.

How will my Portfolio be evaluated?

The Capstone course instructor will evaluate your portfolio using a scoring guide derived from Program Outcomes. The capstone instructor will assign 4 scores to your portfolio, one for each outcomes category; your portfolio evaluation will count as part of your course grade.

What about presentations?

We use Digication, which is eportfolio software available to all ASU students for presentations; you will receive instructions to post your portfolio during the capstone course. Once formal evaluations are complete and you have received your scores, you may set the portfolio permissions to allow family, friends, and others to view your portfolio.

Sample Portfolios

Links to portfolios from former TC students are included in the Capstone site.