Jesus Hernandez

Jesus Hernandez ASU alum applied biological sciences

Jesus Hernandez
Student, University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix
2014, BS in Applied Biological Sciences

“I had amazing pre-med experiences and training as an applied biological sciences major on the Polytechnic campus — from excellent courses in physiology and anatomy, to personal attention from faculty such as leads for practical experiences in the community, and the opportunity to establish an active pre-med club on campus," observed alumnus Jesus Hernandez. "I came away with a sense of confidence as well as the foundational knowledge for the MCAT exams.

"I was offered several medical school acceptances, including a scholarship opportunity, and decided that the program that best resonated with my dedication to serving our community and commitment to scholastic diversity was/is the University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix."

In his medical training, Hernandez plans to focus on family practice or internal medicine, where he can enjoy high contact with patients and can really get to know them and develop personal relationships.

He and his wife, Karina, who is a registered nurse, have talked about one day going to under-served areas or countries to practice.

“At some fundamental level, I think we’re all responsible for each other as human beings,” observed Hernandez, about his deepest motivations for pursuing medicine. “We need to do more to be more caring for each other."

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