Jeffrey Sturla


Jeff Sturla (center)
Rangeland Management Specialist
Tonto National Forest, Cave Creek Ranger District
USDA Forest Service
2003, BA in Psychology
2011, BS in Applied Biological Sciences (wildlife and restoration ecology)
2012, MAS in Geographical Information Systems

“My work as a rangeland management specialist with the U.S. Forest Service is so varied that I can honestly say I don't ever really have a 'typical' work-week," says alumnus Jeff Sturla. "But some of my duties include conducting vegetation and trend surveys, developing management plans, and administering grazing permits. I manage vegetation through fire, herbicide, and grazing and work with other state and federal agencies, wildlife specialists, ranchers, and resource interest groups in planning and implementing range/wildlife management and habitat improvement.

"Some of my best days at work are spent on horseback in the backcountry, evaluating and discussing forage conditions with ranchers," Sturla says. "It’s rewarding to know I’m part of grazing partners’ ability to make a living with livestock operations on the forest. Students interested in managing natural resources should let their professors know early and be hands-on in school.” 


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