The School of Film, Dance and Theatre provides a dynamic and culturally diverse learning environment in which students develop their creativity as artists, scholars and educators. The innovative curriculum promotes creative collaboration and a holistic approach to acquiring skills for successful career transitions. Movement practices, performance and creativity practice define the core of the program. The rich educational experience is further enhanced by studies in criticism, dance cultures, dance history, digital media, movement science, music, philosophy, production, somatics, pedagogy and leadership.


  • Students are required to meet with an advisor in the Herberger Office of Student Success prior to declaring the concentration.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 20 credit hours including 9 of upper division hours for this concentration.
  • A minimum grade of "C" (2.00) or higher is required in all classes for the minor.
  • Students must maintain an overall cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher for Dance courses.
  • Additional information about the School of Film, Dance and Theatre is available at:
  • M - Course transfer equivalent available from Maricopa County Community College District, details are provided on the Transfer Information tab.


Choose one course -- 3 credit hours

DCE 100: Introduction to Dance (3)

DCE 201: Dance, Culture, and Global Contexts (3)

DCE 202: Dance in U.S. Popular Culture (3)

DCE 203: The Walking Body (3)

DCE 205: How Dance Matters: A Sociocultural Framing (3)


Choose one from the following -- 3 credit hours

DCE 300: Dancing Histories (3)

DCE 301: Dance Analysis and Theory (3)

DCE 303: The Body Condition(ed) (3)

DCE 350: Dance in the Classroom: Learning Through Movement (3)

DCE 402: Ethnography of Dance Practices (3)

DCE 404: Dance and Ethics (3)

DCE 405: Writing the Creating Body (3)


Choose four courses from the following -- 8 credit hours

Students interested in enrolling in movement courses reserved for dance majors must gain instructor permission prior to enrolling.

DCE 110: Argentine Tango I (2)

DCE 111: Belly Dance I (2)

DCE 112: Capoeira I (2)

DCE 113: Dances of Africa I (2)

DCE 114: Dances of India I (2)

DCE 115: Yoga I (2)

DCE 116: T'ai Chi Chuan I (2)

DCE 117: Feldenkrais I (2)

DCE 118: Yoga/Pilates (2)

DCE 120: Contemporary/Modern I (2)

DCE 121: Ballet I (2)

DCE 122: Jazz I (2)

DCE 123: Nonmajors Hip Hop I (2)

DCE 124: Latin/Swing/Ballroom I (2)

DCE 125: Afro-Latin Salsa I (2)

DCE 126: Country-Western (2)

DCE 133: Hip Hop I (2)

DCE 134: Postmodern Contemporary I (2)

DCE 135: Contemporary Ballet I (2)

DCE 136: Introduction to Somatic Movement (2)

DCE 139: Afro-Latin Movement Practices I (2)

DCE 194: Special Topics (2)

DCE 210: Argentine Tango II (2)

DCE 211: Belly Dance II (2)

DCE 216: T'ai Chi Ch'uan II (2)

DCE 220: Contemporary/Modern II (2)

DCE 221: Ballet II (2)

DCE 222: Jazz II (2)

DCE 223: Nonmajors Hip Hop II (2)

DCE 224: Latin/Swing/Ballroom II (2)

DCE 225: Afro-Latin/Salsa II (2)

DCE 240: Media for Dance (CS) (3)

DCE 294: Special Topics (2)

DCE 324: Latin/Swing/Ballroom III (2)


Upper Division Dance Electives -- 6 credit hours

DCE Upper Division Elective (6)


Depending on a student's undergraduate program of study, prerequisite courses may be needed in order to complete the requirements of this minor.






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