Herpetofauna and Riparian Habitats at the Confluence of the Gila and San Pedro Rivers

We have established research sites along the lower San Pedro and the Gila River to study reptile and amphibian communities across three forest types – cottonwood/willow forest, mesquite bosque, and non-native saltcedar stands. The goal of this project is to compare wildlife communities across riparian forest types and evaluate species-habitat relations. Whether from climate change or increased demand from growing human populations, scientists expect less water to be available to maintain flows in perennial and intermittent streams. We are investigating how wildlife communities could change with shifts in vegetation responding to lower hydrologic flows.

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Principal Investigator
Heather Bateman

Funding agency: DOI-USBR: Bureau of Reclamation

Date: 8/30/2015 – 9/30/2018

Amount: $92,734