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Counseling MC Application Requirements

Program Admission

Admission to the MC program is based on the applicant’s potential for graduate study, previous preparation and experience, and the possession of personal qualities that contribute to success as a counselor. To balance student demand with available resources, the program is limited in the number of students admitted each year. Factors that are evaluated in the admission process include:  Academic potential as measured by the FRK index, professional and volunteer experiences in helping-related fields, personal statement, and letters of recommendation. Each of these factors is described in detail below.

Application Process

To apply to the program, applicants must submit the online Graduate Application and the supplemental materials required by the MC program as described below. Inquiries may be sent to ccp@asu.edu.

  • The Graduate Application: The Graduate Degree Application is to be submitted online to ASU Graduate Education. It is the applicant’s responsibility to peruse the application information and not overlook requirements that delay processing the application, including ensuring the applicant is applying for the appropriate semester for which applications are being accepted. All materials required by the MC Program must be received prior to the annual deadline of the first business day after January 1 for consideration of entry in the subsequent fall.  Applications are considered once a year for the fall semester only; there is no spring admission.

In addition to the graduate admissions application, the MC Program requires the following supplemental materials:

  • Personal statement (see below)—submit online.

  • At least two and a maximum of three completed recommendations (see below).

  • GRE Score Report—send separately to ASU Graduate Admission. Use University Code 4007 for reporting. Counseling does not have a department code. Use 0000 if prompted to enter one.

  • Official Transcripts—official transcripts must be sent by the academic institution directly to ASU Graduate Admission. Transcripts submitted by applicants are not accepted.

Required Materials (below)

Personal Statement

Applicants are required to submit a maximum 2 to 3 page personal statement (12pt.Times New Roman font with 1” margin, double-spaced) that indicates their qualifications (e.g., professional experiences and personal attributes) and interest in ASU’s MC program.

Specifically, applicants are asked to describe how their education and training as well as volunteer and professional experiences inform why they want to pursue the MC degree. They also should outline how our program will help them meet their future career goals. Applicants are expected to discuss their ability to work with and be sensitive to the needs of a multicultural and diverse society, including (but not limited to), members of diverse racial and ethnic groups and sexual minority individuals.



At least two (2) and at most three (3) recommendation letters are required. These should be from persons able to evaluate the applicant’s academic potential (e.g., a previous academic instructor) and/or professional experience (e.g., a supervisor in a job). Applicants are asked to provide the names and email addresses for each of their recommenders so that ASU can contact them directly. Applicants are discouraged from asking for recommendations from individuals or acquaintances who have not overseen their professional or academic work.

You will be asked if you do or do not waive your right to review the recommendation sent on your behalf.  Each recommender will be informed of your decision and asked to send their recommendation electronically to ASU.  Do not mail or fax materials.


Official transcripts are required for your application. Official transcripts must be sent by the academic institution directly to ASU Graduate Admission. (Transcripts submitted by applicants are not accepted.)

GRE Score Report

Have your GRE Score Report sent separately to ASU Graduate Admission. Use University Code 4007 for reporting. Counseling Psychology does not have a department code. Use OOOO if prompted to enter a department code.

Academic Potential

Applicants to graduate programs at ASU must first meet ASU Graduate Education requirements for admissions (e.g. minimum 3.0 junior/senior GPA, and English language proficiency). A FRK index of 5.5 or higher is preferred. Applicants are required to take the aptitude sections of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). The test must be retaken if scores are more than 5 years old. To compute your FRK index, use the following formula:

FRK Index = UGPA (or JR/SR GPA) + ((GREV + GREQ) / 400)

The GRE score in this formula is the “old” GRE score ranging from 200-800. The “new” GRE ranges from 130-170. To use the new GRE score in the above equation, convert the new GRE into the old GRE and plug it into the above equation.

Conversion table: http://www.ets.org/s/gre/pdf/concordance_information.pdf

Recruitment activities and admissions recommendations are program based. Under exceptional circumstances, students whose FRK index falls below 5.5 may still be considered where there is other strong evidence of the student’s academic potential. All students must be graduates of accredited higher education institutions.