Developing Inquiry-Oriented Instructional Materials for Linear Algebra

Linear algebra is widely viewed as pivotal yet difficult content for university students, and hence innovative instructional materials are essential.

This project is producing: (a) student materials composed of challenging and coherent task sequences that facilitate an inquiry-oriented approach to the teaching and learning of linear algebra; (b) instructional support materials for implementing the student materials; and (c) a prototype assessment instrument to measure student understanding of key linear algebra concepts.

The project is making a needed contribution to the field by developing instructional materials that allow for active student engagement in the guided exploration of key mathematical ideas. It is also developing instructional support materials that convey the instructional designers' intention without being overly prescriptive and that provide information about how students think and learn within the task sequences.

The production of a prototype assessment instrument is of value because it furthers what is known about student thinking in linear algebra and provides a measure of comparison across pedagogical approaches. The study partners mathematics education researchers and mathematicians to incorporate research on teaching and learning into effective pedagogical approaches at the undergraduate level. Project results are being disseminated through journal publications, presentations, and workshops.

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Co-principal Investigator
Michelle Zandieh

Funding agency: NSF, Division of Undergraduate Education

Date: June 2013 - May 2016

Amount: $66,986