All College Awards 2017-2018

Spring 2018 awards recognized our colleagues’ outstanding efforts throughout both University College and CISA. Awardees received a commemorative trophy and $1,000 in professional development funds

Outstanding Service Award

This award recognizes faculty and staff for demonstrating exemplary university, professional, and/or public service. Service must be relevant to the nominee’s role and function in UC/CISA.

Ashley Randall holding CISA award

Winner: Ashley Randall

Nominees: Valerie Adams, Pamela Stewart, Donald Bapst, Marisel Herrera

Oustanding Student Service

This award recognizes CISA/UC staff whose primary role at the institution is enhancing and/or providing direct delivery of services to promote student success.

Ivette Chavez holding UC award

Winner: Ivette Chavez

Nominee:  Gerald West

Outstanding Teaching Award

This award recognizes faculty and staff for demonstrating exemplary teaching. Nominees must demonstrate a sustained commitment to and excellence in teaching.

Eddie Alford holding CISA teaching award

Winner: Eddie Alford

Nominees: Jenn Pereira, Jennifer Miller, Manuel Aviles-Santiago

 In addition to our three college-wide awards, we also recognized the outstanding efforts of faculty and staff within our many programs.

Academic Advising Services 

Raising the Bar - Danielle Stoltz

Academic Advising Community Support - Jessica Shipley


Academic Success Programs 

Innovations in Curriculum Design - Jennifer Miller, Jeremy Dearman, Laura Shaw, Rosary Schmitt

Innovations in Teaching - Jennifer Miller


American Indian Student Support Services 

Outstanding and Excellent Student Support - Claudia Dagnino


Center for the Study of Race and Democracy 

Excellence in Service and Community Outreach - James Wermers, Chandra Crudup


College Dean's Office 

P.E.P. (Positive, Elevating & Promoting) - Mary Blalock

Excellence in Innovation - Hongxia Fu


Counseling and Counseling Psychology 

Outstanding Teaching Award in Counseling and Counseling Psychology - Jamie Bludworth


First-Year Success 

All-In Award - Brandon Sours

VIP Service Award - Jesus Villa


Interdisciplinary Humanities and Communications 

Positive Energy Award - Stephen Carradini


Languages and Cultures 

Kathleen A. Glenn Award for Teaching Excellence - Andres Jimenez-Rodriguez

Award for L&C Citizenship - Renee Maday


Major and Career Exploration 

Outstanding Teaching Assistant - Kimberly Borenstein-Mauss

Team Excellence - Janelle Kappes, David Corlett, Kimberly Burrola


Science and Mathematics 

Excellence in Instruction - Heather Bateman

Excellence in Service and Community Outreach - James DeGraffenreid 


Science, Mathematics, and Social Science 

Excellence in Teaching and Curriculum Development - Ryan Melendez

Service Excellence - Jennifer Legere


Social Science 

Impact Service Award - Keith Hollinger, Scott Scheall


University Academic Success Programs 

Outstanding Community Service Award  - Charity Adams

Outstanding Student Employee Award for Positive Impact - Kristina Barraza


Writers’ Studio 

Outstanding Collaboration Award - Kevin Bliss

Outstanding Commitment to Student Success - Gregory Burgin

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