First Year Composition Directed Self Placement


Incoming students on Polytechnic, Downtown Phoenix, and West Valley campuses are encouraged to complete the Directed Self-Placement (DSP) survey to choose the first-year composition option they believe best suits their needs. This assessment only applies to students on the Downtown, Polytechnic and West Valley campuses, and is not relevant to Tempe or Online students, or to international students on any campus. The DSP survey takes 20 minutes to complete and can be found below. If the survey is not completed, you will be placed in ENG 101: First Year Composition, unless:

  1. you have an ACT English score of 26 or above, or SAT Verbal score of 660 or above for placement in ENG 105;
  2. you are an international student, in which case, you will be placed in an English composition course based on submitted English language proficiency scores; or
  3. you have college-level transfer credit or test credit equivalent to ASU’s first-year composition course(s).

You can search ASU’s equivalency database for transfer credit and credit by exams at If you are an international student you can learn more about your placement process here:

On your Academic Information Worksheet located in the Academic Foundations (second module) of the New Student Program, be sure to note your Directed Self-Placement choice or information about items 1-3 in the list above if applicable.

Explore the Directed Self Placement Process

Students can read more about the first-year composition options before taking the placement survey by clicking on the tabs below. The information below is meant to supplement the survey and provide additional information to better help students make a more informed decision. Students ready to take the assessment now can skip to step 2, “Take the DSP Assessment.”