Past projects

These are recently finished projects that show the scope and variety of research being done by our faculty members.


Project Name Keywords

Career Bound Internet Delivery (Career WISE II)
Principal Investigator
Bianca Bernstein

STEM careers, women in STEM, resilience training, mentoring women in science and math

Controlled Language Software Optimized for Small Organizations
Co-Principal Investigator
Tatiana Batova


Developing Best Practices: Responding to multimodal and visual texts in writing
Principal Investigator
Angela Clark-Oates
Explores the impact of materials designed to train peer writing tutors to learn to respond to multimodal texts, reinforcing design principles and visual elements such as layout, color, typography and image use.


peer writing tutors, multimodal texts, visual design

Examining Novice and Expert Supervisors
Principal Investigator
Gulsah Kemer


Family Migration and Early Life Outcomes
Co-principal Investigator
Carlos Eduardo Santos

child health, adolescent health, family migration, immigration, migrant health, Mexico, Nepal, Mozambique

The Stigma of Illegality and Its Impact on the Well-Being of Immigrants of Mexican Origin in Arizona
Principal Investigator
Carlos Eduardo Santos


anxiety, mental health, immigrant health, transborder issues

Writing in the Workplace: An investigation of job requirements and expectations for professional writers
Principal Investigator
Claire Lauer
What skills do employers expect from applicants wanting to enter today's "writing" workforce? And how can we better help students recognize and articulate the value of their writing degree?


technical writing, professional writing, social media, communication, multimodal texts