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Write On, Downtown

Issue 12 

Brittani Alley (photographer) graduated from the School of Social Work at ASU and currently resides in central Phoenix with her husband and two-year-old son.

Jia Oak Baker (photographer) is the author of the poetry chapbooks Crash Landing in the Plaza of an Unknown City (Dancing Girl Press) and Well Enough to Travel (Five Oaks Press). She is currently at work on a poetry/photography manuscript with poet Shawnte Orion and visual artist JJ Horner. Her photography can be seen in publications such as The Notebook, Star 82 Review, and the Phoenix New Times as well as on Instagram at violetsky29. 

Ronnie Caswell graduated from ASU in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in literature. He is an aspiring creative writer who also dabbles in photography and occasionally draws. To support his purchases of art paraphernalia and addiction to caffeine he is an assistant manager at Peet’s Coffee located in the airport. Most of his work is done late at night because that is when his procrastination is at its weakest, and when his muse shines the brightest.

Ryan J. Krebs is a literature and philosophy student at ASU. He has a thick mustache and likes whistling in the shower. When he grows up, he’d like to be old, but until then he’ll settle for his twenty-something view of the world.

Ryan Leith

Anthony Luna was born in Carson, Calif. and studies film at ASU. In his photography, he aims to capture emotionally provocative and ambiguous images. Personal interpretations are what he believes to be the power behind his art, which are closely embedded with his own thoughts as well. He hopes to one day share this work with an immense international audience, working with fashion, music, and much more.

Sharon C. McGovern (artist) lives and works in Phoenix. She graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology. Her work can be found at and at the Facebook pages The Cobra’s Portfolio and The Cobra’s Pet Folio. Contact the artist at

Ashley Naftule is a writer, performer, and chalk artist. He’s been published in Phoenix New Times, Noisey, The Hard Times, Rinky Dink Press, Runt of the Web, and special projects from Four Chambers Press. A Space 55 playwright and ensemble member, he produces the theatre’s 7 Minutes in Heaven variety show series. His favorite Beatle was the guy who pretended to be Paul.

Casey Rhode is a 19- year-old junior from Illinois currently studying interdisciplinary studies with concentrations in communication and English at ASU. She enjoys sketching in charcoal and painting as an outlet for her emotions. She is working towards a career in the publishing industry as an editor, due to her love for writing and reading. Casey will be studying abroad in Ireland for the fall 2018 semester to learn more about their culture and how their publishing industry differs from America’s.

Tonissa Saul is a senior at ASU studying creative writing. She has been an intern with Superstition Review and Hayden’s Ferry Review. She has also worked as an associate editor at Four Chambers Press and as an artist at Rinky Dink Press. Her writing has been published in The Comstock Review and the Miles to Go, Promises to Keep anthology, volume II. 

Kellen Shover (photographer) is a writer, barista, poet, and recent graduate from ASU. He seeks to be as direct as possible with his poems and plans to have a chapbook out in late 2018.

Desiree Sierra is currently a student at ASU pursuing her master’s degree from the Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts, in visual communication design. After graduating in 2010 with a bachelor of arts degree in communication from the Hugh Downs School, she left the states to work abroad. Teaching English in Thailand for fifteen months opened her eyes to answer bigger questions — selecting a career path. Upon her return back to the states, she found herself investing time in sketching and painting. This led her to further her education in visual communication design.